VIM3/3L Google AOSP Coming soon

in android 11 WIP branch, they havent merged the changes from android 12 that addresses android not being able to calculate the amount of storage, as well, at least since ive last seen, as i continue to watch for changes on the yukawa gerrit, that properly defines the size of the ROOT partition while letting userdata take the remainder of the nand. someone independent, as this doesnt seem to be baylibre’s focus currently, would have to commit the changes neccessary for this for both the bootloader for android 11 and 12 eventually as once theyve figured out how to make the bootloader ABH v3+ aware. As for not reading the nand size properly and displaying corrupted on the the different partitions, the change would need to be merged from the master branch of the android source master gerrit to the android 11 vim3 wip branch. if you are interested in making the fixes yourself on this, you only need to copy the fstab files from android 12 to the wip that the android r preview is made from.