VIM2 Android Pie V200624 Preview ROM Release

Stay strong mate, you say that for a simple heatwave, here in India we live with heatwaves through out our lives, and still we have our big ol’ bellies, we have problems too :sweat_smile:
I think this one is either metabolism or something else, need to check with the doctor…

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Ye i know in India is even worse i have a few indian friends :slight_smile:
About the “bellies” well i also have now one, getting old and “fat”… and i think is metabolism.


Well, you might be surprised that we actually have a higher risk of obesity than you guys, “it is in our DNA”, Indians and Urban culture do not go well together… especially when it comes to food.

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Have a good build, Superceleron!


I too wish my share of good luck :smile:

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i installed the rom twice and my fan doesnt work, no settings auto, and none of the 5 levels

board version 1.4


be patient, buddy, this is a preliminary assembly, but comments are accepted!

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I just wanted to have it on record


Yes, please await superceleron’s ROM as follow up as well… :wink:


I agree with you completely! I think this is a great success with s912, while the test, but already very stable version, I must admit!

You can let @Terry know your problems, he will include it in final version…

yes, I think Terry did a good build!

Just to note, fan works in all modes on VIM2 HW version 1.2.

I have to take the blame here. I encouraged him to start the bug list in this thread, thinking Terry would be more likely to see it.
I didn’t want you thinking BowerR64 lacked patience. :grin:

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I just know that Terry has a lot of work, so I wanted to reassure BowerR64

When its fixed what usually happens?

Im kinda new, so im not sure how it works. Will it be a patch or a whole new rom?

If i use the board now and then in a few months or something its updated will i have to start over?

Does your menu not work with changing the fan speed?

I get the menu, its just when i change the different speeds the little dot changes but the fan doesnt work at all. But with rom 7.1 it works fine

Ive installed it twice, i will try to uninstall USB burn too and install it again and try but i think its an issue with this board version and pie maybe because i have a newer board?

I think they will definitely fix it

So check it out, i went to put Nougat back on the VIm2 and here is what the Read me file says that came with the rom.

"update list:

  1. add VIM2 V13 support
  2. fixup Fan issue
  3. fixup Wol issue
  4. update boot logo
  5. update default wallpaper"

I wonder if its the same issue im having now? What is “Wol” i can check it

I think this is the same rom that came with my VIM2, VIM2_Nougat_V190518

WOL is “wake on LAN”, that is not related to your problem at all :slight_smile: