Vim2 android pie, factory ir remote not turning on device and random wake ups from sleep

I upgraded my vim 2 (original 64 gig eemc version) to the android 9 pie firmware(VIM2_Pie_V200624). Everything seems to run fine and it fixed a few bugs but I’m now having issues with power.

The vim2 turns off via the khadas ir remote but will not turn on via the khadas ir remote also when in sleep mode the vim2 keeps waking up randomly sometime for a few seconds and sometimes it stays on.

Is this a known bug? I’d like to keep this firmware, is there any fix? Or do I have to downgrade to get the remote working again and stop the random wake ups from sleep? Many thanks, any help greatly appreciated.

Hello, I have Linux on my VIM2 at the moment and cannot check Pie right now.
You may want to try one of the custom Pie ROMs from @superceleron to see if the issues persist. Both rooted and unrooted versions exist.

superceleron also offers some ATV versions if you are interested.

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@rosenblat i try to reproduce the power problem ,but it can turn on via the khadas ir remote

I tried this firmware a couple of times on my hardware version 1.2 vim 2 max, but it always has the turning on problem. It’s not a faulty device since now I’m using custom ATV Pie ROM from @superceleron the vim turns on fine. Thanks.