VIM1 stock firmware *Solved*

Like an idiot i didnt back up the stock firmware because it was only one step from the newest one in the downloads section and i dont know how to back up roms lol

The one that came with it was something like V200316, i remember 316 and the one in the downloads section was 317 and i updated to it now the VIM1 is slower, so i tried the one before it, its slightly faster but not as good as the one that came with it.

Never thought going up to 317 from 316 would make that much of a difference

Hello @BowerR64,

You can back up your old ROM using the “Dump EMMC to SD” function of Krescue.

This was featured in the first krescue youtube video.

Maybe @hyphop can upload the V200316 Android image later.


I know it was 316, because when i downloaded it i thought first ide see what was changed first if it was something i didnt need i would leave it but there was no readme file of the change so i just went ahead because it said it was uploaded 2020 but its slower for some reason i dont get it

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This is depressing,

this newer version has some kind of google play virus scanner or app scanner or something, the stock firmware didnt have that program, app, tool what ever it is

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Hello @BowerR64, I just checked with @Terry, and he says there was never a V200316.

Which stock system would you like for your VIM1?

Android 6.0 or 7.1 or 9.0?

there is only 200317

Missed it by one day :sweat_smile:

I think the archive with the firmware should have been saved on your computer, unless of course you have deleted it, look on your PC

Buddy, Bower64 did not take a backup of it or even download it, he is asking for the firmware…

I’m not talking about the backup, but about the archive that was downloaded from the Khadas download page,

i.e. the installation file


Yes, he doesn’t have the file,
that is why he is asking for it…

how do you know ,buddy?


Bower64 it asks to check information, but there is no such assembly on Khadas server


You can refer to his original post…

these are different things seems to me

In that case, I shall back out of this topic…

how is this possible?

it was 316 something, i think it was 2020316

Im sure it was one number before what is listed in the files page

It was pie and the newest version of pie in the files page has a google scan tool, the stock version in my board didnt have this google scan tool

yes, the situation is really dead end, no one can find the assembly you need

How can they not keep firmware that comes with VIM1?

Performance is better even

Ill buy another board and keep firmware then put it on board i have now

$55. lesson learned

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your kidding, you want to buy another one just to know the firmware ?