VIM RTC battery type?

I’ve searched through the forum and not found this mentioned. Possibly it is so generic that it wasn’t necessary for anyone to ask?

What would be a good recommendation to order to connect to the RTC on a VIM2? I’d like to add as much as possible as I’m assembling the parts as they come in.


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A Battery Coin like CS2032 will works for the RTC, and the header Pintch is 0.8MM, you can check the VIM2 Schematic for the further details.

Have fun!


On some further digging, I found a post that said the internal clock takes care of things until the power is unplugged. For my purposes, that will work fine. I’ve been trying not to ask a bunch of questions that have been run into the ground already. Thanks for not pinning my ears back. [Grin] The first of my packages start coming in Monday and I’ll be able to dig in and start getting my feet wet. I’ll be careful about searching more thoroughly before asking questions from now on. Lots of good info here, for sure!

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Anyone know what alternative I can find on Amazon (Germany) as Kahdas can’t supply it here currently? I brought 2 already but they all had the wrong pintch. Or maybe there is a DIY method?

the header is so small that trying to solder wires directly is very risky.
What they did for me was I ordered the heat pads on aliexpress and requested that they substitute the battery on shipping. The cost is the same and it was suggested by Gouwa

It worked well for me to Canada tho it did take 4 weeks to get it in hand :slight_smile: