Short project explenation

Our goal is to create a multifunctional cabinet/box for the Khadas Vim family boards.

Our project are meant to be partisipating in 2 categories. The DIY design category. Modular design

Project site:


Morten Steenbarg (

Bernhard Eide (

Our pre elemanary building plan

  1. Create a user friendly cool cabinet/box, with possibly programable led light effects

  2. Create easy access to the sd card reader

  3. Create an info screen(oled) with some essensiell information(Memory use, cpu use, prosessor temp, and a realtime clock this is open for suggestions regarding info)

  4. Extra usb port in front (power strong, capable of runing bigger disks,dvd/cd burners,printers to say it short “support power hungry equipment”)

  5. If possible create self susteining nettaccess via 4g card, and also have built in powerbank.

  6. Hopefuly set up dual boot on eemc and use hard disk suport for storage, best speed solution.

  7. Support for common power supply (seperate power input, freeing up usb c port.)

  8. Frontal on off switch with controlled shutdown of os.

  9. Easy access to the 3 function switches on the vim,

Hopefully to try to get all of this functiones to work with one single box. Also planed to do it in stages. Planing to develop one bye one and hopefully get all of this to work. If possible.

One of our goals is to remove from the prototype the issues where we have used glue and warm melted plastic parts in our project and we are striving to get this to a solution that this parts can be screwed together and be as easy to assamble as possible.


@Basse Amazing !!! I like this. :grinning:

Thanx we are doing our best to make somthing modular where people can get the electronic of the shelf and put it together them selves or ofcourse get one from us.

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@Basse Modularity is a great idea, if you need our help, you can bring it up

we will send in a list of request for equipment and hope to get that approved
hopfully cost free

Hi Frank
Is it possible u can direct us in the right direction where to get a VIN cable 100mm to 200mm would be very nice. A link would help that it seems i cant find a proper cable myself online