VIM 3 PRO Double Blink White Light after Flash AOSP

I am trying to build Android from source following this guide

After flashing the android Images and rebooting the device, the board simply double blinks the white status light about every second. I am unable to get a fan spin, and the screen does not display anything.

What state is the board in, and how do I get it to work properly?


did you update the bootloader ?

Yes, here is a screenshot of my terminal.

most likely, the maintainer of the source has made a mistake with the bootloader, or they need to update bootloader, preventing display out. as far as i know, no fan control has been added to the rom and it defaults to off. the double blinking of the status light periodically means that the rom has properly booted

Where can I download the proper boot loader?

I see there is a prebuilt Android 11 here last updated 6/4/21

Is this a stable build? How do you flash it? The build does not look compatible with the burn tool.

you can try this, but this is from a while back and may lead to the same no display output issue, so i cant say for certain it will work.

Still does not work, still has a double blinking light. :frowning:

Can you take a picture about the HDMI display?
At present, AOSP only supports hmdi display.


I have almost the same problem. I build AOSP and flash it just same as you. Now it boots, but the screen is blinking and working is very hard. Anybody could help please? @zates @zonggestsu


if its the beta build, that one is working for me. leaves either an issue with the board, tv, or hdmi cable. if all 3 check out, then its some other issue that i dont know off that the khadas team would have to look into

We use this branch .
You can flash this ROM to test it.

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