Vim 2 accessories

Can someone please help I can’t find the board for my fan . I bought the fan but can’t get attachment board anywhere so I have a vim2 paper weight at moment as it won’t work after 10 min.

Can you specify more details about your questions? It’s not clear that from the message you posted.

And basically, you can take a photo about devices would be helpful.

Have fun!

Ok have bought a khadas vim2 max and it needed a fan to cool it as it was getting to hot so I managed to get the fan but I’ve been told that I need a board to attach this too and I can’t find this anywhere

Hi, Govner:
Does following model you bought:

You can purchase from:

A huge thanks really appreciate that I orderd both just in case and will now maybe be able to enjoy my new vim2 max without it crashing.

A Great Big Thank You from a brand new member. I just ordered a VM2 Max because of the sweet extras included at a great holiday price. I began to panic when I found that the heatsink and cooler are not included and I couldn’t find anyone that had them in stock. I am now good to go and will be waiting anxiously for my items to come in from various sites.

Hi Tinkerman:
Yes, as we plan to upgrade the VIM2 and 3004 Cooling fan to New VIM2 and 3705 Cooling fan, so we don’t have plan to produce old VIM2 and 3004 cooling fan. The new VIM2 will be ready in Jan 2019.

New VIM2 changes:

  • Compatible 3705 Cooling Fan for better Performance(PWM MODE, Software Compatible)
  • Replace the DIP GPIO Header as SMT Header(Same with Edge-V)
  • Add Khadas TST Feature
  • Add Pogo Pads for External Power Button(Thanks @davemf )
  • More



Please explain this “More” in detail :sunglasses:
Maybe it will be called VIM22 as in 922 :thinking: (speculation only)

Nope, acutally, still S912 and still VIM2 with some features updated.

That is intriguing… :slight_smile:

It will be very good if there is a Full version (finished product VIM2 Full). VIM2 Full - is assembled in the case, with a radiator and fan version of the release complete with power supply (and possibly with HDMI cable). Let this complex will cost a little higher, for example 10$ (by the way, you can create a survey of how many users are willing to pay extra for the Assembly of the finished product). :slight_smile:

Many users want to get a completely finished product. What would they themselves did not need to install the radiator, connect the fan and put it all in the case.


Send all the bits to Me I will put them together :wink: lol

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