Vim 1 unroooted VIM_Marshmallow_170929

Instructions on how to unroot the VIM_Marshmallow_170929 (it should work on other versions too)

Steps to take:

  1. Install
    “Root Browser Classic”
    (you’ll find the superuser.apk inside the folder common)

  2. Open “Root Browser Classic” and check/enable all the permissions; read,write,execute for owner,group,others for the following files/folder


(the file “/system/xbin/.tmpsu” is created only if you update su with supersu or during the uninstall)

3a. With “Root Browser Classic” find the file
open it with the text editor and change the line ((I do not remember the exact value but should be something like)


3b. With “Root Browser Classic” delete the file
and the folder

(you may need to reinstall supersu after deleting them)

  1. Open “busybox”, install/update the already installed version, close it, reopen it and now uninstall it.

  2. Open “supersu” and select to completly uninstall root.

  3. Perform a factory reset and your Vim 1 will be fully unrooted.
    Google’s “SafetyNet” check will result to
    CTS profile match = true
    Basic integrity = true


I just checked with google play and Netflix is finally installed from the playstore. :joy:

I updated the first post; corrected the location of the supersu.apk that needs to be deleted and added the info provided by @Terry Android builds without root about build.prop to succesfully pass the CTSprofilematch test.

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