Vim 1 - Android TV Pie

I’ve been working to port DaiVietPDA’s Android TV Pie rom for theTanix T5 to the Vim. (

Aside from the running a bit warm (the rom is overclocked), my port seems be working well. The original is fast and smooth, and the port reflects that. Nicer than anything I’ve had on my Vim.

Is there any interest in this among Vim users? (I don’t think there’s an official Pie ATV rom for the Vim, so this may fill that gap). I’ll post a link if I get a response.


Hello, I prefer standard Android, however, I think I may be in the minority.
Based on responses to superceleron’s ATV, I am certain many would love it, and your efforts greatly appreciated by those.

So +1 here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for that feedback. Yes, I’ve long upheld the virtues of plain vanilla android yet have started to appreciate ATV more and more as that platform matures (and as I age!)

I’ll see how the responses here go.

So here’s the link to my Android TV Pie port for Vim 1. The credit for this (very) fast and flexible rom goes to the original developers; my small contribution has been to bring it over to the Vim.!deQX3QwL!WB1nwPQ3bONaQr4eDLgtSzZxJVb4yKTdEHya9iHLMVY

Use USB Burning Tool or later.

  1. Everything I consider important is working, including Bluetooth. The Vim remote works as well.
  2. First boot takes a while; subsequent boots are quick.
  3. The initial startup screen offers pairing with a BT remote. Skip past that with the back button on your USB remote if you don’t want that.

Feedback appreciated.


I visit the forums everyday hoping for a new VIM 1 release and here it is. Thanks so much.

Has this roms appearance been modified from stock ATV in any way?

I will install this tomorrow. I’m curious - what tools do you use to backup your current VIM data when flashing a new rom? I really need back all data up this time as have lots of apps configured and need to restore them.


EDIT: Zahir - I didn’t realise it was you. Thanks for the ongoing support

Works fine and very fluid

Wifi Ok
Remote Ok
Remote android phone Ok
CEC control Ok
Kodi 18.4 Ok

Good work, thanks!!!

@francisgambin, thanks for the concise and useful feedback, it’s always appreciated. If only more users would provide it!

Netflix app no sound

ouch , that’s disappointing!

@chuds thanks for catching that. Android 9 users report conflicts with Netflix apps in general, with some losing video and others audio…I’ll see if there’s a solution, although the issue may be inherent in the original rom. Or with Netflix…

I guess avid Netflix users would probably be happier in any case with a device whitelisted by Netflix that supports Widevine L1.

EDIT: As a workaround, you could:

  1. install this Netflix version:!YC4WTCLY!oXIHth1sll1OrogEy8TlgCmz6OP9HQbK79AdUVLapOQ

  2. Start a program and click on the screen so that the audio settings come up

  3. Toggle between “English:audio description” and “English:original” (Doesn’t matter which you use as long as you switch from one to the other). You should now have audio for that program. works with any Netflix program you play,

Not entirely satisfactory - but a workaround for now.

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Don’t worry I figured it out :wink:

Great rom @Zahir thanks for your work on this.

@Zahir, would it be better for you (and us) if you start from khadas’ VIM1 android 9 github source repo instead of start from the binary firmware image meant for that Tanix TV box ?

this is just a port @ravelo

@mousemat beat me to it! There is, I guess, a clear line between porting a rom and developing a new one.

I should clarify: all Vim-specific components of my port are drawn from native Vim sources. That is why the rom boots up and has drivers specific to our box (e.g ap 6255 for the Vim vs ap 6212 for the Tanix; BT; Khadas remote etc). The only components I used from the Tanix original were from its system.img because they were developed for an Android 9 ATV system, for which we have no source for the Vim. At least, as far as I know…

Well im working in VIM1 Pie directly so dont worry in a few weeks (maybe less) a Android Pie ATV and also a Normal version will be here directly from latest sdk ( it will be pretty much the same as one for VIM3) :slight_smile:


Looking forward to that, SC.

Anyway good job on the porting :slight_smile:
The neflix issue is because of a very old sdk was used in tanix build.

Well… since i got a moment…
Is already working lol, but i will also be doing a “normal” version!


Excellent! I’m en route to West Virginia for a week-long break and look forward to trying it out when I get back.

Yep just testing SC A9 on this little VIM now :slight_smile:
Take your time when you do the setup, nice and easy

Looking Good :slight_smile: