Using An Edge To HDMI Capture An Edge-V

This is a pretty cheap and dirty way to capture HDMI A/V output on your SBC. All you need is a cheap($10-$18) HDMI to USB capture device(UVC), and in this case, an Edge and an Edge-V. Of course, the same device can be used to capture to Windows or Linux PCs, but that is for another forum.

The capture device claims to support capture at 1080p@30FPS Not sure about that, but was able to capture 1080p@25FPS(So says Kodi :wink:). Hollywood will have no use for the quality of this capture, and gamers may be disappointed, but many may find it useful. Latency is pretty good for a cheap capture device. The quality of the captures, or lack thereof, can be seen in the examples below. Capture quality is suitable for capturing How-To or demo videos of stuff you do on your SBCs.

Just to note, my Edge+Captain is running a custom Android TV ROM by ROM developer mo123, but should work on others too.

I used this app on the Edge+Captain, but others may also work.

Here are a couple of the capture examples. Note: I did capture a bit of the Khadas Youtube videos for example, I hope I don’t get sued. :laughing:

Some Youtube videos of capturing Edge-V booting Android, and Linux from SD card. Check Youtube setting to insure video is displaying in 1080p.

It goes without saying, the Edge-V’s HDMI output connects to the HDMI input on the adapter, the adapter is USB connected to the Edge+Captain.


So you used the Edge to capture the Edge, sounds like something Thanos would say, Nice

Let’s hope that your reason works out in Court :rofl:

Actually if you are trying to capture Android alone you can use a USB cable, and have scrcpy to get the screen mirror, and within scrcpy you could activate screen recording
scrcpy here

Here is my example of of using it on the VIM3 Android
there I used my windows PC, but the App works in linux as well

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Hello! you are talking about AutoFrameRate?
if yes, then this is a known Android problem, you need to constantly switch manually

Yes, let’s hope. :grin:

Sounds like a handy app.
Nice video.

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Was describing the limits on this cheap HDMI-to-USB adapter.


Yes, I understand you, since the firmware from, mo123 is one of the best!