Makeshift HDMI Monitor On The Cheap

Hello, I have 4 screens in my tech space(the Cave), one laptop, 2 monitors and 1 TV. Usually that is enough, but occasionally I need one to quickly check something on a particular SBC or TV box.
I don’t have room for another traditional monitor here in the Cave. Portable monitors and quality HDMI switches can be pricey.
I have a cheap(<$20usd) HDMI to USB capture dongle. Using the dongle, an HDMI cable, a phone(Moto G Power in this example) or tablet with an OTG port and an app gives me a cheap portable monitor.
While this solution does not offer the best resolution, it is acceptable in a pinch.
I previously made a post about the HDMI to USB capture dongle, using it and an Edge-V to capture HDMI output from another Edge.

Thought this could come in handy for some.

And when it is too small, it can be zoomed…


this is ultra cool, glad i saw this, hmm care to do how-to if you ever have a free time.



There is really not much to it.
1.) Purchase one of the HDMI-to-USB capture dongles. The one I use can be found all over places like eBay, Aliexpress, etc, for $10-$20usd.
2.) Cables you need, HDMI cable and an OTG cable for your phone or tablet’s OTG-capable USB port, in my case, a USB-C male to USB-A female OTG cable.
3.) You need an app for your phone/tablet. I use an app called USB Camera, but other UVC apps are out there.
4.) Connect OTG cable to Phone/Tablet USB and the other end to the HDMI-to-USB capture dongle. Connect HDMI cable between HDMI-to-USB capture dongle’s HDMI Input port and the HDMI output port on the device(SBC, TV box, etc). Run app, boot device and your good to go.
Of course, you will still need HID device(mouse, keyboard, remote, etc) for the HDMI device(SBC, TV Box, etc) you are viewing.


Hi, as I understand it, this does not work as a touchscreen display, but will only work with peripheral devices such as a keyboard and mouse, the main uniqueness of small displays is precisely as a touch device.

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Yes, you are correct.

No uniqueness, just a solution for an HDMI monitor in a pinch. :grin: