Use 'New M2X Extension' as internal laptop extensor to nvme ssd

Hy, friends;

I’m thinkinng in use the ‘New M2X Extension’ as internal slot to add nvme ssd to laptop. I will conect the M2x to an m.2 connector (currently used for wwan card) with lcd fpc cable and intent to have one more space to nvme card. May it work?

Thank you

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Hi, welcome! you can of course try, but you need to provide sufficient voltage to the board to eliminate its shortage

Thank you very much. I will proceed. About the cable, the lcd fpc for the most suitable, right? Or I will need another force cable?

if you understand that it is not enough, it will be possible to strengthen, but you must control this process

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@vinipeito, I do not understand how you can attach it to a laptop M.2 slot meant for WIFI and wwan cards, as it uses M.2 A-key or E-key…

also, the M2X was intended use for VIM boards isn’t just a PCIe 1x connector…, it contains many other GPIO and logic connections,
and also there is a internal PCIe switch on VIMs boards for allowing two devices… no other device will contain such a switch, and so you might end up breaking your device…

In short: It won’t work and you will damage your laptop…

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@vinipeito, This isn’t something you shouldn’t do. You very likely to have issues doing this. The M.2 port for your laptop is pined differently than the M2X expansion board your planning to use. The M2X expansion boards have either 2 or 3 functions depending on the board along with additional GPIO headers to expand the functionality. The M.2 port doesn’t have the software to run this let along know what your trying to do with the slot. The Function s that the boards support are P.O.E., Power over Ethernet, or a second LAN/ WAN depending on configuration. A sim card slot and a slot for a 4G Modem and then the M.2 NVME slot. You should also be aware that M.2 nvme support can vary widely for devices, connectors and other accessories.

In short your highly like to damage your system by attempting this!

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Khadas M2X Expansion Board


VIM3 (full-height, PCIe x1 Line)

Edge-V (SSD only, PCIe x4 Line)

I’ve seen 970 evo on many pages. Can I plug and use any nvme ssd?

device vim3 pro

Some variety of SSDs are compatible.
Some aren’t…

Which SSD are you planning to use ?

yes, no problem, it will work.

any ssd will not work

Here is a just small list of the SSDs and whether they work or not…


  • Samsung 960 EVO, and most Samsung SSDs using the Polaris controller
  • Patriot scorch SSD, using Phison 5008 controller
  • Sabrent Rocket SSD (also Phison controller)
  • SiliconPower P34A80 (512G) : PS5012-E12 (Phison, NVMe 1.3)
  • WD Blue NVMe SSD

Not working (as reported)

  • Micron NVMe SSD

Usage not recorded:

  • Kingston SSDs , Especially the A1000 series SSD (quite cheap and common)
  • WD Black SSDs
  • SK hynix SSDs
  • Sillicon Power SSDs
  • any PCIe Gen 4 SSDs

I will try to update this list, this is every SSD iirc, if there is anything that is wrong here, please tell…

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@fkaraokur mostly, it is best if the SSD used is low power, due to the power limitations of device itself, if you attach a SSD, it is absolutely necessary to provide enough power, with something like the Khadas 24w USB-C PD power supply…

I remember @hyphop saying the WD Blue SSD is very low power…

I haven’t decided yet, but I was thinking of buying aliexpressten to be cheap.

my budget is maximum 30 dollars. I want to buy 128 gb 970 evo is too expensive.

I can advise you to use a usb-ssd disk, through the usb3.0 port, I did just that, the speed will be no worse, for example, SanDisk

I think @fkaraokur is asking for SSD because of the M2X board…

Thank you, my memory is fine :wink:

@fkaraokur There are plenty of good looking NVMe SSDs of 128 GB size, that are below 30$, But I would suggest trying to bump up your limit to atleast 40$, and get something from a reputed manufacturer…

Now, I am not much experienced with Aliexpress, but here is something I have observed when buying NVMe SSDs for computers…

  • Cheaper SSDs most likely use a Controller that may or may not be compatible with the Device, you’ll have to play a game of luck when deciding what to buy…

  • Cheaper SSDs also use the lower quality MLC, and TLC flash memory,
    the best quality of SSDs will have SLC flash,
    (all this TLC, SLC stuff is basically how much bits of data a Flash cell can contain…)
    and since you need to reflash an entire cell if you need to write 1 bit of data in it…
    TLC SSDs have a very short life span…

maybe @Vladimir.v.v Can throw in some more insight, of what to buy on Aliexpress for you…

yes i thing for new m2x module

I bought in my city :slightly_smiling_face: