USB Power adapter for Tone Board questions?

Hello - I am planning to get a Tone Board for use as an outboard DAC with a CD Player (the CD player would just be used as a transport). I would input the SPDIF signal into the Tone Board via the Coax/RCA plug, and power the Tone Board via the USB input. Is there any reason this set up would not work?

In order to do this, I will need a USB power adapter to power the Tone Board from a wall outlet. Two questions:

  1. I believe that the Tone Board requires a 5 volt 0.5 amp power supply. Would there be any problem using a power adapter with a higher amperage rating (1.0 amp, 1.5 amp, or even the 2.0 amp USB power adapter that Khadas sells)?

  2. Will the quality of the power adapter make any difference to the sound of the Tone Board? Would there be any advantage, say, to using a battery power supply instead of a wall current power adapter? Or is the Tone Board not sensitive to the quality of the incoming current which powers it?

Thank you!

Hi @John457
Similar question with answers below:

Have fun!

Yes, I saw that thread. However, my question is somewhat different. I will be using the Coax/RCA plug to input a SPDIF signal into the Tone Board, and using the USB input for power only. I will NOT be using the 40 pin header for power.

My questions are: 1) can I safely use a higher amperage 5v USB power adapter such as the 2 amp USB power adapter sold by Khadas, and 2) will using a higher quality power source (such as a battery USB power supply or a linear power supply) improve the sound of the Tone Board?

Yes, can. But personally will recommend a better power adapter like linear power supply for better sound quality.


Have fun!


Thank you for your help! I’ve just ordered a Tone Board.