USB port malfunction


Do you mean that the USB port is damaged?

Do you mean C135?


Yes thats is my mean. Is there any otherway to confirm that usb ports are damaged or not?


Sir tell me complete method to test the relevant components of usb ports. ?


Hello, Have you tried to connect USB on the GPIO?


Not yet, but i will try soon then i tell u.
Thanks for ur suggestoon. :+1:


Actually, the C135 is not for USB.

If the inner PINs are misplaced, the USB port should not work anymore. Can you ensure again that the if you push the USB device with too much strength and the PINs misplaced?

If so, can you ship your VIM device to us for fixing up?

Good day!


Hi sir as u know that my problem about USB ports. After trying USB on GPIO i lost my hope :slightly_frowning_face:
Now i want to send my khadas device to you as u suggest me.
Kindly send me your complete address so that i can send u easily. Then i try to send u soon.
Best Regards
Muhammad Waqas


Sent out, please check.

Good day!




Hi Waqas:
What’s this?


Tracking number for return shipping.