Usb 3.0 port speeds


I have recently bought official Vim3 24w power adapter with usb c cable.

Has anyone used any Linux operating system with usb 3 flash drive on usb 3 port, it should have much better read and write speeds than sd card, i suppose there must be a person that is using Vim3 this way?

Hello, Have you checked port mode to insure the USB3 port is not in PCIe(USB2 mode)mode? See here.
Can also be done using Krescue or settings in Android.

I didn’t check anything, android on it is in usb 3 mode.

I was just wondering if anyone is using Linux this way, can you tell the difference between usb and sd card, i think i have a usb 3 flash drive somewhere at home, i just need to find it.

@Tommy21 In theory, it will be much faster. We use SSD can reach more than 300 MB when testing USB3.0