[UnOfficial OS] Home Assistant OS - Khadas Vim1


I have been using Home assistant OS (HASS OS) for sometime on my spare RPI3B+ as HASS OS was officially supported for RPI.
Now that it is becoming slow and my use case have expanded, I decided to try to port HASS OS for Khadas Vim1.

I used Odroid C2 image for reference and made changes to the existing C2 image with Khadas Vim1 support.

I present to you a test Image of HASS OS for Vim1.

I have documented it on my blog.


Users please try it and share your feedback.


A new dev build is available for those interested in testing the image.
This is from upstream developer, I have just build it from his repo with some changes.

All credit goes to Agner and HA team.


I have migrated my hass server from rpi3b to vim1 and I am not able to Boot it without hdmi connected.

@hyphop any advice on using vim1 without hdmi cable connected?

i cant understand whats a problem !

Nothing it works fine :slight_smile:

Can you add this to kresq?
It is using mainline uboot but don’t replace anything from this image.

It is a working dev image. I am using it in my production server.

YES ! i will check it soon ! TNX

Will it work with Khadas VIM2?

No. It was not built for it.