[UnOfficial OS] Home Assistant OS - Khadas Vim1


I have been using Home assistant OS (HASS OS) for sometime on my spare RPI3B+ as HASS OS was officially supported for RPI.
Now that it is becoming slow and my use case have expanded, I decided to try to port HASS OS for Khadas Vim1.

I used Odroid C2 image for reference and made changes to the existing C2 image with Khadas Vim1 support.

I present to you a test Image of HASS OS for Vim1.

I have documented it on my blog.


Users please try it and share your feedback.


A new dev build is available for those interested in testing the image.
This is from upstream developer, I have just build it from his repo with some changes.

All credit goes to Agner and HA team.


I have migrated my hass server from rpi3b to vim1 and I am not able to Boot it without hdmi connected.

@hyphop any advice on using vim1 without hdmi cable connected?

i cant understand whats a problem !

Nothing it works fine :slight_smile:

Can you add this to kresq?
It is using mainline uboot but don’t replace anything from this image.

It is a working dev image. I am using it in my production server.

YES ! i will check it soon ! TNX

Will it work with Khadas VIM2?

No. It was not built for it.

Boot on VIM 1 with eMMC damage, works fine. How can I boot from SD card and have HA installed on USB stick or SSD ?
Thanks !

Flash image on SDCard
Flash Image on usb stick

Just keep boot partition in sdcard while removing all the other partition on sd card, then it should boot from sdcard and then load the rest from usb-stick/ssd/ if it have the needed configs enabled on kernel.

The above is theoritically correct and should work but not tested.

You can also just flash mainline uboot from Khadas source on sd card an have OS on usb stick and then check logs in uart to see if it boots fine.

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Is there a possibility to install Home Assistant OS on VIM1S with a boot from emmc ?
This would be great
It seems this does not work with the VIM1 image

Vim1s =! Vim1

So definately it will not work.

Home assistant team needs the device to be supported on mainline kernel.

You can use vim1 for hass as i use the same for my home.

Ok so I will go for VIM1 instead of VIM1S, wich is unfortunate cause I believe the SD card to boot on with Vim1 has a limited lifecycle, as opposed the emmc of VIM1S

Of course it is possible to load Home Assistant Core on the VIM1S, but the functionalities of HA Core are really too restricted for me compared to HA OS.

Do you think there is a chance Home Assitant OS might be supported on VIM1S on a not so distant future ?

You can install os on emmc on vim1 and it will boot fine and run for years.

I am running hass on vim1 for more than a year. Just too lazy to flash it on emmc yet.

Yes ofcourse once it’s upstreamed.

Anyone more using this ROM can confirm it’s a stable HAOS? Which version is it?

I am using it as my production HAOS for my house.

It get updated regularly and so far it never broke.

Give it a try.

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