Ubuntu won't boot (emmc)

Tried many images (official and from fenix) but system won’t boot to ubuntu.
Also - is there any tool to check what is written in emmc, to be sure that everything is okay?

When trying from SD - didn’t boot at first, but after removing logic for checking board type in rk3399_autoscript and setting fan speed in env.txt to high (just to be sure) - everything worked.
Sadly, i currently haven’t hdmi cable (monitor uses display port). Today i’ll receive HDMI and reply here with results.

Also, in dtb files, file with mipi-lcd support is missed. I have lcd, but looks like i haven’t dtb file for it.

Hi ,yes, a processor like Rockchip needs to provide sufficient cooling beforehand

yeah, but at least it should boot. even for a small period. Also when i was checking - the led on board sometimes started blinking with white. at first - with equal periods of time and after like a fast heartbeat.

I agree, try different firmware for understanding.
Do you have a completely naked processor at the moment?

currently covered with radiator.
About different firmwares - i tried many ubuntu’s, android and manjaro (just in case). No result.
Android won’t work on either SD or EMMC
Ubuntu won’t work on EMMC and sometimes (if you change autoscript) work with sd.
Manjaro just don’t work.

Hello @TRasul

How you supply the power? Do you use our official Type C adapter?

yes, please note that the main port for supplying voltage is located under the usb2.0 port, and not near the HDMI port like for example on the vim series!
And, accordingly, a 12v 2A power supply is required!

I used power bank with Power delivery option and used power adapter for macbook pro 13 (61w, tested previously on raspberry pi 4b). Both option didn’t work and i ended up with same boot error.

sadly, i can’t upload video here

Hello @TRasul

You can upload video to youtube, and paste link here.

Hello again. Yea, uploaded

It is clear, you installed drivers for Rockchip on Windows?

yes. trough driver assistant v4.91

and in device manager, board is identified as rockchip device

Okay, connect again, select firmware, triple quick press on the middle button, the board should be determined.
or try another tool, “Factory tool”.
Also use the latest versions of the tools!

Влад, я чекал несколько раз. Результат был один, какой именно - видно на видео. По поводу драйверов, так я и их ставил. Если есть версия посвежее для драйверов - скинь сюда. Я же эти драйвера брал с сайта Khadas (https://docs.khadas.com/edge/UpgradeViaUSBCable.html).

Vladimir, i checked that many times. Result was the same, which you can see on youtube. About drivers - i have installed them. And also tried reinstalling driver. Drivers was taken from Khadas (https://docs.khadas.com/edge/UpgradeViaUSBCable.html). About tools that you mention - send links, not just names.

Reboot the computer after installing the drivers, try flashing the “Factory tool”, by the way, I do not use an additional power cable, try to use only the OTG port for the firmware, although I have Edge-v, change the cable from Edge to the PC that goes, maybe the cable is not very high quality

what is that? Where i can find it?

I androyd sewed, how it will be with Ubuntu I will not say for sure, look on the Internet for FactoryTool v1.68