Ubuntu Mate V170220 ROM Released [EMMC INSTALLATION]

Do you plan to release Kodi 17 that works on Ubuntu, as i see Odroid C2 has Kodi 17?

Yes, we did.

Actually, our Ubuntu-Mate todolist as following: :slight_smile:

(Our team was busy in previous & current month, so we did few software update, sorry for that. But we are ready again on more software update now)


I do not understand everything that is written, because something is written in Chinese, but things like Chrome, Pepper flash, 3D acceleration, Kodi and few others, i really look forward to future updates.

Although i would be happier to receive more frequent updates, i do understand that you have a lot of work to do, and we do have to be patient sometimes, when all of this gets solved, we will have one great Os on Vim.

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Any news on the update?

Yes, i am interested too, can you tell us when will you update Ubuntu, it was planned for April judging by the Vim staff posts?

You must admit, releasing a beta build would surely have a positive effect on community, it would help you to polish the Os much faster?

This is the reason why i am asking, look at the date :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry for eating my word!

And approach to get ‘bate build’ at: Add Bluetooth Support for Ubuntu :slight_smile:

Do not forget to release sd card installation image, but without deleting eMMC memory, i know it will be slower, but i will live with it.

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I meant beta as a whole new test image, not bt fix for an image almost 3 months old, when you are near to releasing a new public image, release a test image that will give you feedback from the people willing to test the build, community feedback is a great thing.

When can we expect Ubuntu update, i know you are busy and have a lot of things to do, but 1 image in 6 months is too little, i did bought Vim because of Linux support?

I was expecting an april update, judging by the posts from Khadas staff, and we are now in the middle of may, and we still have nothing.

I’m sorrry for that.
We will release the new ubuntu rom in this week.


Amlogic released a new kernel source (S905X) on 15.05.2017.


Yes, I had saw it. :smile:

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One more time, hope to finally get an answer, what about Mate update?

I was looking forward to this board when i ordered it, but then i didn’t knew that i will have to wait so long for it to be updated, i thought we will have more frequent updates.

I just hope this board isn’t abandoned, because it has great potential, and it wouldn’t be fair to the people who bought it.

Hi, Tommy21:
Sorry for that! I was focus more on VIM2 in this period.

We will release new Ubuntu-Mate ROM based on Linux-4.9 and DualOS ROM in this week.

What are the chances to have working Kodi 17 in this build?

It is Friday, is the ROM going to be released today?

Yes, today or tomorrow :wink:

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Great News, I will do a writ up on In-Home Streaming with this ROM

It would be great to release it today, tomorrow i won’t have much time to play with this device.

It’s sunday, it still isn’t released?

I see Ubuntu server with 4.9 kernel is available for download, but Mate is still missing?