Ubuntu 22.04 for Edge 1 - Edge V

I am trying to build an image of Ubuntu 22.04 for my Edge-V Pro to be installed on eMMC, however mainline linux seems not supported.

So I built an image for Edge 1 using Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 4.4 for eMMC, run the burn tool on the board and it installed successfully, but it never boots up. It stays on a blank screen, with the blue led always on.

I read in this thread that I should be able to install from SD, so I created an image of Ubuntu 22.04 with Linux Mainline for Edge 1 using Fenix, burned to SD and it boots on my Edge V.
Unfortunately this image has issues with USB, so it does not recognize the keyboard, therefore I can’t login and run the sudo emmc install.

Any ideas?
Is there any plan to support Ubuntu 22.04 for the Edge-V?
Will there be an official eMMC image for it?

Edit: this is the fenix config used for the eMMC version

and this is the config used for the SD image

You are welcome to try Armbian. Its improved and de-bloated variant of Ubuntu (or Debian if you prefer) with mainline based kernel optimized (by Armbian team) for Rockchip devices. Thousands of Armbian users and its derivatives are a proof.

Install to eMMC works this way for almost a decade … As Armbian is just about to make a new 23.05 release its worth waiting or building image from sources, which won’t be much different in two weeks.

Thank you @igorp, someone in the Discord server suggest this distro and I’m happy to report that it has been flawlessly working for the last couple of days!