Ubuntu 16.04 Image with 4.9 kernel


Can we get a Ubuntu 16.04 image with 4.9 kernel, or atleast some instructions to build such image…?

Thanks in advance

Why do you want to Build it yourself, When you can get a pre-built image.
You can try KRescue Here. If 16.04 img is still available.

Try and build it yourself then follow this. But it will take some extra efforts to move the source from 18.04 to 16.04

BTW Why do you need 16.04 as 18.04 is already LTS and stable?

UPDATE: Sorry looks like they dont maintain 16.04 for Vim3 anymore. So only option is to use fenix script but need to find all the reference to 18.04 and change it to 16.04 sources.
IDK if that make sense.


trying to get Tensorflow working with GPU… and some packages are there only for 16.04

I think only Khadas team can help you with Tensorflow.
Have you tried the tensorflow thread for 18.04?
These ones?

or Debian.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

It’s a CPU version, I am trying to get it run with GPU… Ideally would want it to run using the NPU… But I think there is no support for that…

@Archangel1235 You can’t use NPU by tensorflow no matter what version . If you want to use NPU to run yourself model, you must transform you model by NPU SDK.

Sorry for the confusion :sweat_smile: Thanks for the reply Frank… I get that NPU can’t be used with TF, only transformed models can be used… I think its possible to use the MALI gpu with TF and OpenCV, this will benefit people using python more than c/c++. But to do this we need Ubuntu16.04

I know how to populate the rootfs using bootstrapping but I can’t get some drivers working… any help would be appreciated…

@Archangel1235 You can find our Ubuntu firmware in this repository to get all the driver code. I think you should probably pay attention to whether the DTS configuration is right.