TS050 screen questions

I have some questions based upon the TS050 touchscreen,

  1. What is the power draw of the display ?
    I would like some precise numbers if you can provide them

  2. I see that the touchscreen when connected to a VIM3 with a smaller 10w powersupply, The Android boot process is visible, but once it arrives on the homescreen, The touch stops working, the display freezes and everything slowly fades away, and then I see lines starting to appear on the display…

I am concerned that this is not related to physical damage to the display itself, if you know anything about it please tell me…

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I’m sorry to hear this, buddy, I hope you solve this problem as soon as possible! Have you checked everything carefully?

Yes, I wanted to verify this that this was a power related issue, so I conducted small experiment…

I have one of these small 16x2 LCDs that they use with an Arduino, it is generally supplied 3.3v but I tried to give it 1.8v, and sure enough it showed me the same symptoms,

So I can verify that the screen blackening is dependent on the power supply,

but I don’t know about those lines appearing and disappearing, perhaps that could be related to it as well, as they do not appear when using a proper power supply and the converter board is properly isolated from other electronic components…

if the power supply is close in characteristics to the original, there should be no problems

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Hmm, then I am relieved, I thought I blew a brand new display :relieved:

Do you have the same problems with all OS?

I have tested Android, It was solved it with better powersupply, but it is there is Linux with SD-USB images
I need to do more investigation…

yes buddy, give more information, check out different scenarios

I was not able to get a recording of the incident happening, but it looks like what this guy is facing same problem with his phone, The incident is the same in my situation as well,

you can make a video with your monitor, thanks

Does this happen when the cable itself does not connect well, check your cable, can the cable itself be damaged?

Nope, cable is quite fine, I do not see any physical damage

I think there are no other options, here it is the very connection of the monitor with vim

Hmm, but I thinks it is not related with the monitor as a power supply change and a reboot makes the problem solved :confused:

I admit that the cable itself does not sit well in the monitor, can you open it neatly?

Yes, I have taken the conky cardboard case apart and have made it sit part by part on my desk…

the monitor made out what was inside, was everything well connected?

Yes, no problems at all, if it was having such a problem, I would be suspicious a long time ago. I have solved it, but am curious as to why is is happening

I assume that until it heats up, it shows normally, and then with the heating of some part, it starts to behave like that

Can’t be heating either, I have the heatsink cooling the VIM and I am constantly monitoring Temps, I am going to do a screen repair test, where it keeps shifting the pixels on the screen to make sure that all the pixels have no problem…