Touchscreens compatible for vim2

Gi guys…i am interested in buying a touchscreen (about 8-10’’) for the vim2 board but i really don’t know which models are supported or not…any guide on this? I would preffer to connect it trhough hdmi…

I will add support for HID Multitouch panels in next release Android Rom. You can buy following models
- 3M PCT touch screens
- ActionStar dual touch panels
- Atmel panels
- Cando dual touch panels
- Chunghwa panels
- CVTouch panels
- Cypress TrueTouch panels
- Elan Microelectronics touch panels
- Elo TouchSystems IntelliTouch Plus panels
- GeneralTouch ‘Sensing Win7-TwoFinger’ panels
- GoodTouch panels
- Hanvon dual touch panels
- Ilitek dual touch panels
- IrTouch Infrared USB panels
- LG Display panels (Dell ST2220Tc)
- Lumio CrystalTouch panels
- MosArt dual-touch panels
- Panasonic multitouch panels
- PenMount dual touch panels
- Perixx Peripad 701 touchpad
- PixArt optical touch screen
- Pixcir dual touch panels
- Quanta panels
- eGalax dual-touch panels, including the Joojoo and Wetab tablets
- SiS multitouch panels
- Stantum multitouch panels
- Touch International Panels
- Unitec Panels
- Wistron optical touch panels
- XAT optical touch panels
- Xiroku optical touch panels
- Zytronic touch panels

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Thank you very much!

Hello, can I connect this Waveshare 5inch HDMI LCD v2 display to VIM2?

Could also someone tell me if this touchscreen is vompatible or not?

I also have buy Raspberry screen with eGalax resistive touch panel USB controller and wonder to use it in my project (CAR pc).
Is it possible or not to add this touch panel library: to firmware of VIM2?

Did you want to use touch on ubuntu or android?

I prefer Android because better maps software for it.

You can flash the Rom VIM2_Nougat_V180209 and have a feedback for me. Thanks.

Terry, does that rom also work for the original vim? I want to add touchscreen to my VIM its a eGalax and the other is come capacitive off ebay, they both work with windows 10 with no problems

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