VIM2 Android Nougat V180209 ROM Release

Here release the Android Nougat ROM

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM2_Nougat_V180209.7z

  • MD5SUM: c851d87f3aa9315c9740eb1f52475824

  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Change Log

  • update Gapps to 20180201 version
  • add force land support for all applications
  • fix setup time is invalid for rtc
  • don’t mount ext ROOTFS of third ROM
  • update default wallpaper
  • fix bluetooth pair request issue on more Settings
  • add suspend and resume support for Fan
  • add support for VTV board
  • fix many video issues

Upgrade guidance:


Hi terry

I upgraded to the latest firmware VIM2_Nougat_V180209.7z, but bluetooth pairing doesn’t work with my bluetooth keyboard. it doesn’t detect it at all.

I have tried the keyboard with my samsung s5 phone and it works fine on there.

Any help would be appreciated.

What’s the model of your Bluetooth keyboard? Also you need to know the PID and VID.

update done.

Bluetooth keyboard works.

I prefer the old wallpaper.

I will have to make a backup before, which says update, should not completely reset the vim2

Is there a significant difference between
VIM2_Nougat_V180206.7z 63c49a2c7052b94a67bb192e336a7f05
VIM2_Nougat_V180209.7z c851d87f3aa9315c9740eb1f52475824

Hi terry

Thank you for the reply.

How do I find the PID and VID sorry new to all this, just doing all the steps from the guides shown here.

I got two bluetooth keyboards first is K11 3.0 and the other doesn’t have a name just say’s bluetooth keyboard when I connect it to my laptop.

Also I am able to connect my Fire TV Stick 1 bluetooth remote to my laptop but vim2 doesn’t detect it aswell.

How do I get the update metioned by fred21 in comments above?

Hi, tasinofan:
That’s the same for VIM2. I only add the check for VIM and VIM2 because they use the same source code.

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About how to get the PID and VID of Bluetooth device. You should have a look for the equipment management menu on your laptop. Maybe you need to search it on google.
I will check it after holiday. Now is Chinese Spring Festival. Thanks for your understandy. :grinning:

I trying to use Tvheadend server. But Tvheadend not found tuner.
Becouse.I try to use VTV app with oscam. some channels No sound No Picture and key is running.
I would like to use tvheadend with oscam. How to work with Tvheadend server?
Thank you.
Best regard…

@Frank.DTV Do you have any ideas about it?

As far as I understand things there is no current way to make a working TVheadend server within Android or Linux which supports the dTV board. The reason is that TVheadend relies on a Linux infrastructure of DVB driver support (LinuxTV project). As such all the possible sat drivers present themselves to TVheadend in a consistent way and the drivers all conform to a Linux standard format.
There is a ported APK of TVheadend available for the Nvidia Shield running Android which might run on other Android devices - but it needs the drivers to be formatted in a similar way to the Linux version of TVheadend.

The issue is that the way that the VTV program implements access to the dTV board is via a proprietary binary driver hacked into a dedicated APK program for Android TV. This driver is not compliant with either the Android TVheadend driver format or the LinuxTV dvb driver format. Since the APK is closed source it is difficult for anyone to port the driver into either the Android TVheadend driver format or the LinuxTV driver format. This is the main limitation of Android overall - it doesn’t conform to Linux standards (even though it is a form of Linux) and there is no obligation on any Android programmer to release their source code to make its porting easier. In fact the culture in ARM world is to not make it easy for the Open Source community to access their hardware.

The good news is that Khadas and FrankTV have sent a sample to a Libreelec developer who has already reverse engineered a driver for the similar hardware found within the MeCool KIII pro . it should be possible for him to make a small adjustment to his driver to make it work with the VIM2. At that point it would be possible to easily port the driver to a general Linux build and even the APK of TVheadend running in Android.

Your best bet is to wait for him to receive the board and release the driver and then run a version of Libreelec with the driver support.

The VTV software baked into the various Nougat ROMs offered by Khadas do not have any AC3 license support, which means that a substantial subset of all SAT channels will have no audio and no way to add the AC3 support. The VTV software is flawed by design. Again the good news is that Libreelec do’s a software based transcode of AC3 streams which means that they work with Libreelec and TVheadend.

Android is a waste of time as a serious media player and I think Khadas could have done more to make sure that their products worked better in Linux out of the box or at the very least offered a way to add AC3 support to Android.


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If Tvheanend server with spmc or kodi work find.
I have method for watching 4.2.2 sport feed so smooth. On asiasat 5 or chinasat 10.same as wetek play2.

I try to modify vitmod atv 3 beta for kiii pro (Tuner avl6862).
And install rom. Tvheadend found tuner is avl6862 on adapter list. but wifi, remote not working . And no sound.
Do you have any ideas?

It wont. There is no driver for the dTV board available for TVheadend in Android, and there is no generally functional Tvheadend server within Android. The TVheadend team said that they would not be producing one themselves, but a Nvidia Shield user has made one available for the Shield.


Using the vitmod atv 3 beta for kiii pro is worth a try, but i am fairly certain that it will not work. The problem lies in the difference in the way the avl6862 handles the data in the two different implementations of the hardware. Try scanning for channels and see if it finds any - I don’t believe it will and this is because of the need for a slight modification to the AVL6862 driver which we are all waiting for the Libreelec team to carry out.


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dear @Rmiino,@Terry

as @shoog said

@afl1_1 from Libreelec has already received the VIM2&VTV board, and start to work on it
please wait for him to release new version Libreelec with driver supported.