Touchscreen & Audio

Two questions about Peripherals
Is it possible to connect a (small) Touchscreen? Maybe 10inch or smaller. If yes, which one is recommend (Driver)?
In case I want to have an audio-output, whats best? USB Soundcard?

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Happy new year!


  1. Touch:
    Both USB and I2C interface touchpanel(Panel, not screen) is possiable.

  2. Audio:
    Also support USB audio or I2S interface audio. Just take a look at Popsical, similar solution for Karaoke system.

Thank You, guess i´ll give it a try, just want to avoid buying a screen and after that it dont work :wink:

If possible, kindly show your effort to us :wink:

so far no effort :slight_smile:

I have tried VIM (latest Android Rom) together with IIYAMA ProLite T2435MSC-B2
touch didnt respons out of the box - as awaited
seems a bit difficult, at least for me. I found this page

I have another (very old) touchscreen from 3M - I will try as soon as I have time to play

The latest Android Rom don’t support the hid touchscreen.
Are you a developer? If yes, you can follow below steps to build your rom supporting the hid touchscreen.


  1. Config the kernel again
$ cd  <your-path-to-project>
$ make -C common O=../out/target/product/kvim/obj/KERNEL_OBJ menuconfig ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=$PREFIX_CROSS_COMPIL

-->Device Drivers
   -->HID support
      -->Special HID drivers
         -->HID Multitouch panels
  1. Build your boot.img
$ source device/khadas/kvim/

  1. Reflash the new boot.img
    You can look here

If the hid touchscreen still not work, please provide the kernel log for me.

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Thanks Terry, no, I am not a developer - just like to play, unfortunately dont have so much time for this and also too less knowledge about Linux & Android, but anyway, i will give it a try (Even a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn now and then) :slight_smile:


I have made the boot.img but on VIM2 I can’t load with tftp :

kvim2:/ # tftp 1080000 boot.img
BusyBox v1.26.2 bionic (2017-08-08 11:34 +0800) multi-call binary.

Usage: tftp [OPTIONS] HOST [PORT]

Transfer a file from/to tftp server

    -l FILE Local FILE
    -r FILE Remote FILE
    -g      Get file
    -p      Put file

kvim2:/ # bootm
tmp-mksh: bootm: not found
127|kvim2:/ # id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) context=u:r:init:s0

You need to enter uboot command mode to execute that command

  • Connect uart port of VIM2 with PC via USB-TTL
  • Focus on the serial terminal
  • Long press the Enter button of your PC and don’t release
  • Short Press the reset button of VIM2

Great !! Thank you

But with HID touch panels activated, the touchscreen doesn’t work.

Did you load boot image with TFTP and boot it with bootm command? It is not active after rebooting your device.
Can you provide the printing log for me ?


Yes, from fresh install (Nougat). After I have installed the boot.img from TFTP and apply with bootm.
My SD card is dead … can I apply update.img with TFTP ?
I will test a new install and provide to you the logs.
I have a Vim2, is it the same command that Vim to build update.img and boot.img ?

It doesn’t support for loading update image with TFTP because the uart speed is too low and the update image is too larger.
You can flash update image with this.

It is the same command to load boot image and don’t support for loading update image.


What I did it :

My logs available here :

All android are used with a touch screen, why not activate it by default ?


I can’t get the information of HID Multitouch panels. I only saw the USB Video (cx231xx) information.
Did you make sure the HID Multitouch panels config was enabled ?
What’s the mode of your HID Multitouch panels?

Yes, you are right. We will add support for it by default in next release ROM

Great news :slight_smile:

I have checked if the module hid_multitouch was present in /sys/module/ and no … so I think I wrong thing :smile:

I’m trying again


Hello @Terry,

I have not been able to advance…
Do you have an approximate date for the next version with the touchscreen management ?


We will release new ROM for VIM2 at the end of this month. It will support for HID Multitouch panels.

Very good news.
Thank you very much for your response


It’s OK with UBoot VIM2_Uboot_Nougat_171023 and Android firmware VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024. :ok_hand::clap::+1::+1:

Thank you :grinning: