Touchscreen Support for VIM1


I am looking to add an external touch screen to my VIM 1 but haven’t been successful. I am on android version 6.0.1 kernel 3.14.29 Thu Sep 28 17:16:25 CST 2017 Build Number VIM_Marshmellow_20170928.

I saw this post that Touchscreen & Audio touchscreen support was going to be added to the next ROM for the VIM2, was this added for VIM1 as well?

Could solving my issue be as easy as just flashing new ROM

or does the kernel on the VM1 need to be modified to allow functionality of the touchscreen.

I already flashed lastest ROM in the firmware page, mine was up to date

I am using two for my tests, one is a eGalax touch resistive touch panel and the other is a capacitive touch panel from ebay the ids for this panel are vid_0416&PID_5020

For the resistive touch panel they provide instructions on how to modify the kernel its a pdf so I can’t attach it i attached a screenshot.

My main goal is to get the capacitive touch panel working but the seller says they don’t offer drivers that it should just work.

Thank You

Bassically, Android or Linux already support many popular Touchscreen chipsets, and what you should do maybe just config the Linux kernel to support that.

Accoarding the documents you provided, it already have a detailed instructions there. Have you follow the steps and build the kernel and test? Maybe you should paste the steps and catch the printing log for the answer.

Have fun!

Hey I would love to but I am not familiar with this enough to be able to accomplish the goal.

Will the VIM2 work either either touchscreen?

Should works if you know how to build the kernel. As we don’t have the Touch panel, so we can’t test and confirm here.

You use VIM2 for a business project, right?

Have fun!

I have VIM1 and it’s for hobby, trying to add car PC to vehicle.

Why would you be able to help if for business project?

Nope, for us same.

I just thought that if you use it for a business reason, you should have engineer can build that, actually, I mean the instructions already with all details, and it’s not hard, you or your guys can try.

Good day!

Would VIM1 work with this display?

Sorry, this display is mipi interface and VIM1 doesn’t has mipi interface.
So VIM1 can’t work with this display.

Can you perhaps recommend a good touch screen for use with VIM1?

I am not sure what features I need to look for in terms of touch support…