ToneBoard Not Recognized

My Toneboard does not appear to be working any longer. When I connected it to multiple computers via USB and Coax, (including a MAC) they were not able to identify the Toneboard in the MIDI settings. I purchased the ToneBoard in May. Please advise how to get it working again.

Hello, As the Tone board is not a MIDI device, what software are you making the setting in?

I’m trying to set it up as a DAC for Tidal or Qobuz on a MAC.
The MAC does not recognize the Tone Board at all like it did at one time. I tried the same on a Raspberry Pi and it was not recognized there either.

Hi Ken_G:
As the information is too limit to figure out the issue, can you specify more details on the issue?

Or maybe you can help to take a photo to show the connections between the KTB, the USB Cable you used and your Mac.


I’ve attaches some pictures.
It shows that the device is lit up and is connected to the iMAC usb port in the back using the Khadas USB-C cord that I purchased. I also took picture of the computer audio devices showing the Toneboard is not showing as connected and Qobuz (streaming service) showing the same (Toneboard is not connected).

It used to work on the iMAC. When I similarly hook it up to a PC, it also does not recognize the Toneboard either. It appears that the device is faulty. Is there a warranty?




@Ken_G the Toneboard does not work with Catalina. Are you using Catalina?

No. It is High Sierra.

@Ken_G if your Tone Board was purchased within the last 12 months, we can do an exchange or refund. Please refer to regarding return shipping.

You can PM me your order number.

In the meantime, do try a different USB-C cable to see whether that works.

I tried a few of the USB - C cables I had and nothing seems to get computers to recognize the ToneBoard.

Also, just PMed you the order number.

I use Tidal Converter to help me get music on my MacBook working with a DAC.