Tone2Pro installation for MacBook AirM1

the instruction manual for Tone2Pro is for Windows. I am trying to set-up with MacBook Air M1 but having lots of difficulty
need step-by-step instructions

tone_dfu_tool -macos
cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

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Hello, Perhaps something in this video will help.
The MacOS part begins @5:33…

Also saw this…
" Note

For Mac OS users, you need to type “chmod +x ./tone_dfu_tool_macos” to create an executable firmware upgrade tool"

From Khadas Docs, Tone1 section, under upgrade the firmware, scroll down until you see the following title.
" Tone1 - Upgrade to Official Khadas Firmware via legacy methods"
Underneath of that title you will see a tab for MacOS…

I know these directions are in the Tone1 section, but they are mentioned in the video, and even the directions mention the Tone 2 Pro. Do keep in mind, when the directions point you to a Tone1 directory, you need to adjust that to navigate to a Tone 2 Pro directory.

@kunji Have a look here.


Hi @kunji,

I am a fellow Mac user myself. If you are unable to open an app due to “unidentified developer” constraints, go to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open Anyway (Button)

If you’re running in an ultra-secure environment, and don’t want to (possibly) contaminate your Mac with unknown software, I recommend getting Parallels and running a Windows or Linux Virtual Machine. You can refer to this article for M1 Macs:

Personally, I run all unknown code inside destructible virtual machines. :innocent:

You Jun


Thanks so much jun,

unfortunately, no such animal, here:
pls see screenshot

hmm. no way to add a screenshot?
the only options under: privacy & security>general>allow apps downloaded from:

  1. app store
  2. app store & identified developers

dat’s it; nothing about ‘open anyway’

in any case, as long as I can find ‘acceptable’ software that gets the job done we’re good :upside_down_face:

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Try opening the DFU upgrade tool again, then going back into the “Privacy & Security” control panel. You should see the option appear.

DFU upgrade tool? Device Firmware Upgrade
where does ‘firmware’ fall in the spectrum? > software…hardware

pls forgive my ignorance
I have a terrible sense of ‘direction’
hence, get lost quite often, navigating here & there

I will make a video for Mac users soon.

This is the tool, which you have to give permission for in the Security & Privacy preferences pane. Once you do, you just open a Terminal app and run these commands to update the Tone2 Pro’s MCU or XMOS respectively.

Update MCU:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Update XMOS:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

If you have more questions about upgrading the firmware for either the XMOS or MCU, please continue the discussion in this thread: Tone2 Pro - Firmware v1.2 + MCU Update


We just released a macOS GUI DFU tool:

Have fun!