Tone2 Pro Bluetooth Modul

Hi Khadas Community,

iam a happy Tone2 Pro user and i would like to ask about any updates according to the bluetooth modul, that was announced pre launch. Is there any progress about this or is it even in development anymore?

If i understand it correctly, the bluetooth modul was only build for audio receiving or was it also capable of transmitting?

Iam asking because i hate to use bluetooth headphones / headsets with windows and its bluetooth audio limitations. In homeoffice times i need to use my headset (sony XF 10004 while also using it to hear music between calls. Would be nice if there can be a way to get around the whole audio limitations from windows and stream the audio directly from the dac with ldac support.

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Hi @Dominguez
Thanks for ordering the Tone2 Pro.

Yep, we are developing the Bluetooth module for Tone2 and plan to launch it together with our other product, should be sometime early Q4 2021.

Good day!

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Hi Khadas Team,
How is the Bluetooth module under development connected to tone2 pro? I wonder if it is possible to transmit LDAC by connecting it to a desktop.

Yes, with LDAC feature.

Please, how to buy a bluetooth module for tone2 ???

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Any news about this…

Tone2 Pro I2S Hi-Res. Bluetooth Magic Module ?

any chance to be able to control the dac via bluetooth?

its unbearable with tv because optical cant control volume and tizen sucks so there is no way of controlling volume digitally

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? … Didn’t undrestood …