Tone1: Upgrade to Official v2.00 Firmware

Why does the Tone1 need the v2.00 firmware upgrade?

Tone1’s latest software update includes a new USB Driver and DFU Tool (v4.86), and we’ve listed the most important changes below:

  • Seamless compatibility with the Khadas Audio Dashboard (Windows Tray Tool)
  • Tone Series DFU Tool can upgrade both Tone1 and Tone2 devices
  • Use both Tone1 and Tone2 simultaneously, without reinstalling drivers
  • Unique Khadas VID (Vendor-ID, Khadas is now a registered USB-IF Member)
  • Unique Khadas Manufacturer Name

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Khadas Team


Great and seamless transition to the new software and hardware. Great job Khadas.


having trialled it, i prefer the synergy of the previous drivers with my system

how to revert to v1.04 please ?

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Still follow the instructions but just proceed with reverse operations.

Have fun!

sorry, but i need a little more direction than this

how do i install v1.04 ? do i use the same tool ?

also, my device is set to 48000 but i would prefer 44100 - how is this made to happen ?

apologies, but i am not a technician

Hi @scruffy1
To revert back to v1.04 firmware:

  1. Upgrade the v1.04 firmware with the Khadas DFU and USB Driver
  2. Install the old USB Driver
  3. Optional, uninstall the Khadas USB driver and DFU tool.

Let me know if any problem there.

Any further details? I’m not qutie clear on this.

tusb firmware upgrade tells me no device found - even when i replug

win10 sees it as tone1 and then claims it has set it up, but no drivers are found

i am really confused and don’t want to brick the device

i am having anything but fun - this is painful

please link me the exact dfu and usb driver i need to employ - the tone is recognised as tone1 automatically by windows after the firmware flash, and i simply want it to revert to v1,04 - but it is not allowing me to use the tool as it isn’t recognised by it

the old upgrade tool won’t recognise tone1, the new upgrade tool won’t let me revert

so, is this a one way conversion ? if so i would warn other users against doing so, as they may be stuck with a less desirable sound quality

Hello, updated to V2.00 and a wonderful sound congratulations to all the Khadas team.
Thank you so much


hi people!
there is one thing that i had with earlier firmware and this one as well - if ASIO program is left overnight without playing, the next morning khadas makes no sound, have to re-connect it (and relaunch software). also, for some strange reason bughead player doesn’t play dsd through it, throwing an error “unsupported samplerate” although on driver query it shows that all dsd rates are supported. the only driver that worked was tusb evaluation 4.11.
as khadas has gotten an unique usb id, can perhaps any version of thesycon drivers be used somehow not in demo mode?


there are several dfu tool versions that should mach the driver installed. use the dfu of same version as your driver and flash any firmware you want.
if you don’t have any drivers installed, dfu will not see your board. install newest drivers if you have v2 firmware flashed already, and older ones, if it’s an earlier version.


hi pranza! long time no see. i hope u well

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