Tone1 one channel is quieter than the other

I have noticed that the left channel of my Tone1 is roughly 10dB softer than the right channel. I originally thought it was an issue with my speakers, but if I swap the outputs on the Tone1 the left speaker becomes lower and the right softer. I can correct for this in the macOS Audio MIDI Setup app and drop the output of the channel by -10dB but it’s not ideal. There doesn’t appear to be any controls for balance for the Tone1 in system prefs or Audio MIDI Setup.

The Tone1 is up to date (And I have confirmed that the same happens with a second Tone1 with the previous v1.04 firmware).

Has anyone seen this before? It’s not a showstopper, but it also not great to have to fix it.

Hi @axman6
Did you address the issue out? Did you check the Amplifier end on this?