Tone1 uneven output - Left channel much lower level

Hi There,
As in topic heading, suddenly the output of Left channel is much, much lower than output on Right channel. Tried reinstalling firmware (v2.00) and driver (v.4.86.0) - no change. Have to separate L/R volume for abt 25-26dB (Rch lower) to get approx the same level output. Same on several PC’s/LapTop’s. Thanks for help.


Please check the volume from the Khadas Audio Dashboard, make sure that all the volume is set to be 0dB.Such as following picture is showing.

There may be another problem probably,the hardware maybe have some problems,maybe fake soldering exists on the PCB.

Hi Eric68,
In my above post I wrote that I must separate L/R output volume and lower Right channel for more than 26dB to get approx. same output as on Left channel. Thought it might be FPGA programming or similar. Card has functioned several years w/out problem. Thanks for any further help.