Tone Board v1.04 Firmware


  1. Upgraded XMOS firmware version to v1.04.
  2. Improved DOP hardware playback stability of DSD audio files.

Firmware v1.04 Download Links:

  2. Google Docs (Alternative)

Upgrade Instructions:

Find Out Firmware Version:

You can find Tone Board’s firmware version using the “Firmware Upgrade Tool for Windows 10”.


Note: After upgrading using the “EVAL drivers”, uninstall them and use your Windows 10 native USB-DAC driver, else you will hear a loud tone after sometime.


Does this fix the ESS Hump

No. The ESS hump needs to be fixed in a hardware update.

Is a balanced version coming soon, maybe the RCA jacks are also causing issues

Hi @DSBAudio, we’re working on an extension board that will provide balanced output. v1.04 firmware is unrelated to the RCA jacks. :slight_smile:

Will the extension be compatible with vim2 and will there be a balanced version only. Or will it be just a add on with balanced output

I don’t have exact specifics at the moment as its still in development; could change later.

Likely will be an “add-on to the Tone Board”, as we would prefer not to change the existing board layout - it works well as it is.