Playback problem

     Dear Khadas Community,

hello, have a nice day.

We have recently purchased a Khadas tone board for audiophile use and it’s an incredibly beautiful device, we are very, very happy with it.

However we have an issue:

after some music playback (Desktop PC with Windows7 64), a single loud sine wave tone (just like: “tuuuuuu”…) is sometimes played instead of music for a couple of seconds.

This problem goes on and appears randomly until we disconnect the USB cable from the Tone Board.

At this point the problem disappears for a while, until the “cycle” restarts somehow again.

Thank you very much indeed for any tip and suggestion, sincerely,

this is a known problem, due to the fact that you use an evaluation and restricted version of the windows audio driver for the ESS dac; search the forum for more details on that

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Hello, I Agree with ravelo on eval driver. Uninstall the driver and use Window’s native driver.
Also, please post what firmware is on your TB now.

For more information, see here.


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Hello, thank you very much indeed for your gentle support.

I’m sorry for the very late reply.

I have done every step of the firmware upgrade guide, but when I unistall the TUSBAudio eval, Windows stops to recognize the Khadas Tone Board: it disappears from the peripheral list.

So I can only use Khadas with the eval and with the “beeps”…

Firmware 1.04

From here, " * **Uninstall the EVAL driver that you used for upgrading firmware, and re-install the v224 driver.

  • Alternatively, if you’re on Windows 10, uninstall all Khadas-supplied drivers and use the native Win10 UAC2 driver supplied with the OS."

Looks like only Windows 10 has a native driver for the TB. Otherwise use the v224 driver.
If you have done the above steps and it still is working, I’m not sure.