Tone Board as HiFi DAC


Can I use Tone Board simply as a DAC ? I wish to feed its RCA input with digital signal from a radio Internet / DAB+ tuner and connect its 2 analog outputs to my HiFi amplifier, in which case I simply need to power it through its USB connector and mount it in a box. Correct ?



Yes! The SPDIF_IN of the Tone-board is fed directly into the ES9038Q2M for decoding. It should work as long as your device has SPDIF_OUT.



Thank you. I am confused: SPDIF stands for optical connection, right? I did not realize that TB had an optical connector input. Anyway, my device has both coaxial and optical OUT connectors. Which cable shall I use from the optical connector of my device to the SPDIF_IN of the TB ?



Access the SPDIF signal from the pin marked with the red arrow in the picture.



spdif can appear on toslink (optical) or coax/BNC (electrical) sockets; we have only coaxial on the TB!

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Spdif and coaxial both use the same digital transport format, however the interfaces are different. We will feedback to our R & D team and considering to add a SPDIF interface to subsequent Tone Boards versions.
Thank you!



Thank you all, now I understand. So I will use the coax OUT of my device and connect it to the so-called SPDIF IN of TB.
For that application (DAC only), I understand no setup is needed, making a PC necessary.