Tone 2 With iPad and iPhone: SOLVED

iirc you needed a specific apple USB-C to lightning cable to work with Apple devices, and it would be sold in the store in the near future…

I have several Apple brand USB-C to Lightning cables and have had no luck with them…have you seen any formal mention of Mac OS/X or IOS compatibility?

Hello, I believe what Electr1 was conveying is that no proper USB-C-to-Lightning cable for the Tone2 Pro exists yet. Khadas will add the special cable to their shop soon.


Yep, to support iPhone and the iPad modles with Lightning port, must use decicated USB C2Lightning cable.

Any standard USB C2C cable will works for the iPad model with USB-C port, for example, the iPad Pro.

Have fun!


I do appreciate everyone’s willingness to help, but none of this makes any sense (or works).

I just tried again using Apple’s own Lightning to USB C cable connected to the Tone 2s USB port and the other end to my iPad. Here’s the cable:

Supplied power to I2S using a Khadas USB C cable from a Tone 1, and also a standard USB C cable

Everything lights up and controls operate fine, but Tone 2 DAC does not show up as a choice on iPad.

I believe this requires a firmware fix…there should be no need for a “special” Tone 2 to Lightning cable.

Again, does anyone actually have their Tone 2 working with an iPad or iPhone?

There are only two methods to use an iPhone with the Tone Serial DAC/HPA:

  • Lightning to USB camera adapter + any USB A to C cable
  • Dedicated lightning cable that supports USB host (normal lightning charge cables do not support USB host mode)

Good day!

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Okay, here is a combo I found that works:

Connected to IPS port of Tone 2;

Any USB C cable to USB C charger/DC supply…I used a Khadas Tone 1 cable.

Connected to USB port of Tone 2:

IPad/iPhone end:

Tone 2 end:
Samsung USB-C sync/charge cable

I will test pin usage and report back.


I tested the first solution, with this adapter. And it does not work. Iphone can detect t2p from time to time, but it was not stable, so I think it just don’t work.

As for the second the solution, could someone link an item?

Did you try it with an a power bank connected to the Tone2 Pro’s I2S (USB-C) port?

Yes, the I2S port must be connected to external power

In fact, I did connect i2s port with my pc, hope my pc will power it, and the other usbc with iphone over the adapter (and since it is white light, I thought there is no problem). But this won’t work.

I connect i2s port with an actual charger, and this time it worked! So I guess it is just pc couldn’t power it over i2s port?

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  • I2S labeled USBC port with Power + I2S Data
  • USB labeled USBC port with Power + USB 2.0 Data

That’s difference :slight_smile:

If you’re using a laptop its quite possible. I would guess a desktop PC should have enough juice on the USB hub - but since configurations are often highly variable, it is best to go by trial and error.

Sure, thanks, and I am using desktop pc

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Hello. Just got my tone 2, it’s very nice. Looking at the above thread though, I am none the wiser about the status of iOS and the tone 2. I cannot get my iPhone to recognise the tone 2.

My set is:

-allo nirvana 5v switching power supply into the i2s port

-iPhone se version 2, fully updated iOS. Using Apple camera connector to usb c into the tone 2 usb input.

Everything lights up, but iPhone can’t detect the tone 2. Not sure what version of the tone 2 firmware is running, I assume the latest as it shipped from khadas 2 weeks ago.

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Is it this one?

Hi Gouwa, I hope you are having an excellent day :slight_smile:

-The User Manual establishes that the Khadas Tone 2 Pro works with an iPhone if it is used with the Apple C78-USBH Lighting to USB-C cable, but Apple does not have any cables for sale with that model or at less can not be found on the internet, the only original cable from Lightning to USB-C that apple handles, is the following: Cable de USB-C a Lightning (1 m) - Apple (MX)

¿That is the cable you refer to as “Dedicated Lightning Cable that support USB Host” in your comment above? And if it is, ¿Can Khadas guarantee me that with this cable, the Khadas Tone 2 Pro will work with an iPhone XS with iOS 14(properly connected to 5v power supply to the USB-C I2S port)?

Thank you in advanced.

I don’t have the original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable in our office; but I can confirm that it does work with a third-party cable. Additional power has to be supplied via the USB-C (I2S) port.

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Ok, thank you very much :blush:

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It’s our customized cable with Apple C78-USBH Lightning header.

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