Tone 2 for DIY (T2DIY) : What do we expect 😉

Hi there :wave:
Well, we noticed good feedback from T2Pro end users, innovative and well-designed DAC.
ASR full review here : Khadas Tone2 Pro Review (DAC & Amp) | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
Some minor points will be fixed soonly, Gouwa cares about quality.

T2 for DIY would be announced soonly. Question is : what do we expect from it ?
Here is my current and evolving wishlist :
1° - No MQA support (confirmed)
2° - Pure Balanced/Unbalanced DAC
3° - No HPA embedded (confirmed)
3° - No RCA sockets soldered, please :innocent:
4° - Full schematic published (as TB1)
5° - Coax SPDIF & Toslink inputs, or 2 SPDIF inputs
6° - Dual Balanced & Unbalanced output
7° - Software settings : filters, features, vol, etc… (USB)
8° - Price : same as TB1 :heart_eyes:

What’s your opinion ?


1.We will release a firmware that support SPDIF out without MQA support;
2.Do you mean the balanced outputs are XLR-3s?
3.We should discuss this.
4.You may can consider our another products Tone2, which is the DAC for DIY customer,the hardware is similar with Tone2 Pro.
5.We should discuss this.
6.We should discuss this.
7.the hardware can realise this function,the newly software cannot support this. can consider Tone2 later.

Thank you Eric68 for your input. English isn’t my native language, BTW I try to explain my points.
I’m just trying to figure what will be included or not with T2 for DIY. That’s the point.

1° - No MQA support : XMOS XU216 will be replaced by XMOS XUxxx ?
You’re referring to T2Pro in your answer, fixing SPDIF Out without MQA.

2° - Could we use both Balanced & Unbalanced output at the same time ?
When I say “pure DAC”, I mean no HeadPhoneAmp inside.

3° - DIY community, maybe I’m wrong, won’t easily use your RCA Balanced connectors…
People are most intended to choose a 3 pins usual XLR of their own prefered brand.
Pinouts/Soldering Pads on PCB are welcome for outputs (Balanced/Unbalanced).
What about USB connectors ?

4° - Please give some hints about T2 for DIY… Can’t wait :wink:
Schematic for T2Pro isn’t available by now.

5° - Considering Digital Input section : USB, IIS, Coax SPDIF, Toslink, AES ?

6° - Ok, waiting on your comment. :slight_smile:

7° - How can we tune T2 for DIY using software ?

8° - Price to be defined. Delay for availability ?


Yep, you almost get all the points of the upcoming Tone2, the only feature that you missed is Tone2 will also support Coax output if with balanced RCA soldered.

Good day!


Hi Gouwa,
Thank you for your informations.
Can’t wait to read more about T2 for DIY… and availability.

Hi there… some news ?

Same here - excited and waiting for DAC only Tone2 board with balanced output (RCA or XLR-3) !!!

Any news on T2 ??

Let me dream a little -Tone 2 with ESS sabre dac of course,no-headphone in,no spdif in ,no MQa support ,balanced
out -Khadas xlr cable free with purchase -i2S usb-c (5v) by Khadas (included in purchase)-volume control through app only keep the push/pull knob but with better control over it.Better ‘Heat dissipation’ for XMOS.

Any news on T2P DIY board release date ? Will it be compatible with RPi4 ?

No news at all…
Is there something cooking ? Or not ?

we last got an estimate that the products will be available by Q4 of this year :slightly_smiling_face:

Q4 of 2021 ! Are you serious ?
Can’t trust anything but official informations.
Khadas is not that much involved in DIY boards.
So what’s up ? Nothing sadly…
I only consider facts ; they are too few here…

Is the Q4 of 2021 finished ? I don’t think so :wink:

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So, what are you able to show as previous release, a schematic ?
Did you get some real Official informations or only rumors ?
Yes, Q4 isn’t finished yet… almost nothing new on the horizon.
Maybe another Balanced RCA patented connector ?
Show me I’m wrong :wink:

Any update on this? Thanks!

Hello All,…

So there will be a Tone2…

Q4 of this year or Q4 of these years ? :wink:

I don’t make the decisions, I just reciprocate the information :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
perhaps Gouwa will have an update for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps @Electr1, perhaps …
But since march,… no more informations… I think lots of peoples are awaiting T2…

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I’m sure the supply chain and chip issues don’t help, but would be nice to get a brief update if possible.

No news nor informations for monthes…
It seems DIYer’s world isn’t a market considered by Khadas.

Made my choice with another serious brand.
Very pleased using my SU-9n, delivered within 6 days to France.
Stellar measured results on ASR, standard XLR connectors, display, remote…
Bye Khadas, have fun !