Support for newer kernel

I’m running VIM3L on kernel 4.9. Although your stated support for 4.9 is excellent, some drivers are only compatible with kernel-4.9. But, kernel-4.9 will be deprecated in January 2023.

Could you kindly recommend a new kernel with LTS that supports all khadas drivers, such as audio codecs, hardware video encoders, and so on?

If not, do you plan to upgrade kernel support for any recent kernel in the near future?

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They already have it working on latest kernel and if you want 5.10 or maybe 5.15 will be latest LTS and everything works on it except for Video decoder.

Thanks @Spikerguy for your reply. Can you please provide me the release note?
also it seems that you are trying to say about Hardware video encoder. If not so can you please provide a link for Hardware video encoder for latest version.

Hello @KD_1993

What is your use case for the device so accordingly I can point out to the right documentation.

Khadas alone cannot write Amlogic hardware video decoding and encoding drivers as it is amlogic who have designed the IP and it have been done by linux community using reverse engineering method which takes a lot of time, effort and skills and ofcourse financial investment.

The link you shared is for hardware encoding on 4.9 kernel using amlogic closed source firmware blobs and the same cannot be used in newer kernel.

Mainline linux community have been working on getting the hardware video decoding to work but it is still wip and will take long time to become very stable.

Mostly i want the following functions.

  • WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz with AP and station mode)
  • Bluetooth
  • Video encoding (H264)
  • NPU
  • DSI Display
  • Mipi Camera without ISP
  • Containers and microvm

Then you need to stay with bsp kernel only.

Afaik, there is only decoding support. Not sure about the status of encoding.

Hello there, @numbqq
Can you recommend a kernel version for VIM3L that has at least two years of support and is also supported by Khadas?

They’re on vacation most likely will reply after CNY holidays.

Khadas have forward ported the NPU drivers onto the mainline codebase; it will be challenging to send them upstream due to the NDA regime around them. Video encoding is something that could probably be tackled too, the IP blocks are relatively simple compared to decoding.

:+1: Thanks for info. Can you recommend which kernel version Khadas or the community should utilise for future development?


Cause 5.10 might have short lifespan.

IMHO it’s better to rebase regularly against the latest stable kernel than remain on an LTS kernel until you are forced to update. It means “little but often” effort in maintenance rather than the “let’s reinvent the wheel” bigger effort that bumping between LTS kernels can sometimes require.

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@numbqq and @Frank can you please suggest?


I myself am also working on the 4.9 kernel but I do have the same query as it is going to EOL.

Which kernel version should be the next planned by khadas team?

Accordingly, I will plan at my end as well.

Appreciate your help here khadas team.


Hello @KD_1993 @rutvij.trivedi

We don’t have plan to upgrade to new kernel from 4.9, but we will keep to improve 5.x mainline kernel.

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@numbqq Thank you for your response.
I’d want to use the following capabilities with the latest kernel on the Khadas board VIM3L:

  • Bluetooth
  • Audio codec
  • Hardware Video encoding (H264)
  • NPU
  • DSI Display
  • Mipi Camera without ISP

Any information or documents for newer kernel will be greatly appreciated.
Isn’t hardware video encoding a problem with the latest kernel?

Can you please provide release notes for mainline kernel?

  • Bluetooth - Works
  • Audio codec - Works
  • Hardware Video encoding (H264) - Not tested with Ubuntu, but works with LibreELEC, still have many limitations
  • NPU - Works
  • DSI Display - Not work
  • Mipi Camera without ISP - Not work

No hardware encoding support for mainline kernel.

About the mainline kernel support status you can check here:

Hi @numbqq , thanks for reply, however this replay is going to create major setback for us.
This will create blocker for us.

Having said that, can you guide which kernel version will be helpful here ?

Any thoughts on 4.19 ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @numbqq,

DSI display and MIPI are primary where my work is focused upon,
Can you tell on its status?

Is it in WIP? Any plans?

See this series for MIPI Linux amlogic - Patchwork