SBC Update: New VIM1 v14

Hello Everyone!

We’ve updated the original VIM1, swapping out parts that have reached end-of-life, and improving the DRAM frequency to 912MHz.

This New VIM1 v14 has already been manufactured, and is ready for immediate shipping from Khadas Shop, for the same price as the old VIM1, $44.99 (Basic), $54.99 (Pro).

Pictures for Bloggers:
4K - [ Top, Bottom, Perspective ]


  • Moved the VIN input to below the USB-C port, and changed the connector type.
  • Changed the programmable MCU to STM8S003.
  • Changed the LED colour from red to white.
  • Improved DDR frequency of 912MHz (original: 768MHz)


  • Added Khadas TST, for quick bootloader recovery.
  • Added 3705 Cooling Fan header.


  • ROMs and Software (Compatible with old and new VIM1)
  • Board Form Factor