[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie “Normal” Debug Build v5 20211122

That would happen if the Storage is getting occupied, Is your storage getting full ?

it seems like a remote, is the remote ok?

Better change out the batteries…

yes, or if with a battery, charge

no, that’s not the problem. And with batteries - fine. It feels like the RAM of the device is clogging, but verification shows that more than half is free.

Yes, I checked on 2 remotes, both work fine with other devices (no delays).

The problem is clearly not with the memory, but I think the reset to the factory will help

yes it helps solve the problem, but the problem returns after some time (and I can’t understand why :confused:).

this has not been observed before?

the problem repeats every time (about a month later after installing any OS).

Including android ?
could it be due to bad blocks in eMMC ?

try booting into coreelec using the standard method

you can try a full cleanup

yes, including android (now install android TV, before - pure android)

yes, before install OS I always full clean memory.

I know that we have good usb3.0 ports, at the moment I used it under coreelec (standard method), try this method, everything works fine for me!

yes, and also, I’m using “nightly build”, just try

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Nightly build might change over time…

I know, buddy, this is a debug build, my favorite

It is technically a “beta” to say, but there won’t be any bugs, Mostly…

yes, buddy, don’t worry, I know all these points, the guys there are literate, even the beta versions are at a good level