[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie “Normal” Debug Build v5 20211122

Yeah, but not many posts…, he has been here since October of last year…

yes, probably he has more important things to do

Making Awesome tech reviews in Russian I guess :grin:

By the way, his name is also Vladimir

well that explains my confusion :upside_down_face:
man there are so many Vladmir’s to memorize :sweat_smile:

how can i download the language pack please

thank you for your video that was helpful

hi, I just checked, your language is in the settings, you just need to select it, it is at the bottom

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in the vim3l android tv is not

it’s hard for me to say, maybe Superceleron will double-check your information

@Hellcat did my video help you to enable the required permissions to use Locale & Language ?
Was it successful ?

For ATV, LeanKey is recommended, try

Thank you it was very helpful i appreciated the video demonstration

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i will check this and let you know thank you

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Ok that’s good to hear, but were you able to get your Language to appear ?

For a long time I did not use Vim3L as a TV box. So I decided to try again :). Voice dialing doesn’t work on any of the remotes, and the strangest reaction speed when using remotes is slower (if the memory is clogged or something else. By the way, I noticed the inhibition of the system on other operating systems - Libreelec/Coreelec). Who knows how to fix these problems?

hi, on your usb-drive or sd?

sd (I used Krescue image for installing OS on Vim3L).

What is the braking of the system expressed in?

the responsiveness of the interface after installing the system is excellent, but over time on any system I see a delay of 2-3 seconds from the moment the button on the remote control is pressed until the action. At first I watched it on Coreelect/libreelec, then on Android, now I watch on Android TV.