[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie “Normal” Debug Build v5 20211122

I do not urge to install this particular version, I just recommend it, and you need to try different options, the main thing is that you yourself like the system!

is there any new firmware from VIM3L and VIM3 Atv and which is the latest please

Some APK on ( VIM3L / VIM3 PIE ) cant be controlled by normal remote is there a way?

Hello! no, still on standby! Superceleron said something about not having enough free time.

what is your remote control? maybe the application is not quite suitable for the ATV version

khadas remote on VIM3L PIE

Official khadas remote ?
why is it not remote working, Is the IR receiver on the board open and clear ?

( VIM3L PIE not ATV ) on vim3l Atv all remotes are working

i dont mean its not working on VIM3L PIE i cant have full control some of the apk if i want to go the their menu i cant i have to use another remote which have air mouse of keyboard to do so

It seems that the ROM still doesn’t support the TS050 display. When I turn the board, the backlight turns on for a couple of seconds then goes dark. Nothing shows up on the display. If only the display worked I would ditch the stock firmware and use this one on regular basis

this is not a tablet version, but for large TVs

This is more of a AndroidTV rom,

for use with TS050 stick with the stock or build your own from scratch…

alternative could be stock firmware

That’s a bit sad and funny because this rom has much better settings than the stock firmware. The native Android settings are accessible, it is possible to change the font and icon size here. The stock firmware lacks it all and is not comfortable to use with the small touchscreen- icons and text are way to small and if you change the vm density the navigation bar goes to the right side and some labels disappear.

In case of installing a different launcher (poco launcher, etc) this rom would be perfect for using with touchscreen. I really hope that someday the developer of this rom will also make a tablet version.

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if I’m not mistaken, Superceleron has the same display, maybe it can do something for you

Everything has its ups and downs, in this case it was the display support that was not there, but we have the better UI, everything will get better over timely iterations… :wink:

I believe that there is a chance to fix it

Hmm weird i have the TS050 display and the rom works just fine… funny, i need to check it again, maybe i think i tested in VIM3L and i might only try it in VIM3.
But still the SDK is the same even if the paths are diferent there is no real change, other than device tree maybe is that.
Anyway new builds coming for all vims, i will then try in that ones the display.
Ho plz use only normal build on touch screens since the ATV build will have all touch disabled, since it was made for big screen tv’s.


thanks for the info, maybe it was in the description, I missed it maybe

I have tested the rom on VIM3L and the display doesn’t work.

Wait, what? So as I understand you play to have a separate ATV version as well?
Is it possible that you plan to convert the Normal build to “tablet” version of the Android?

fingers crossed, (please say yes… please say yes… please say yes… )