[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie ATV Debug v5 20211119

On firmware from superceleron, 3705 works :wink:, it is not necessary to put a radiator of gold :grin: :+1:

what superceleron? ATV? but when i installed SC -ATV all look green. Must install the old android. now work ?

Respected man! :wink:

You mixed everything up :see_no_evil:

coreelec and atv, these are different builds! :man_shrugging:t3:

I explain: on firmare from superceleron my khadas vim3 1.2 start in green color when you boot from USB coreELEC. that´s the problem!
it seems they are trying to fix the boot, but i dont kow :slight_smile:
VIM3 is fast, very fast! over coreelec or over Android, but i feel like a Guinea pigs.

I cannot install ATV and Coreelec at the same time and I cannot even install CoreELEC in the internal memory. It’s all very green. They should have expected to have a finished software and hardware product before putting it on sale.

Xove_64,nothing can be done in one day, be patient, everything will be fine! :eyes:

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I have the feeling of not having made a good purchase.
I have spent about 150 Euros and paid for things like the NPU that I will surely never be able to use them. And all that having made the reservation 2 months before they sent it, and when they sent it things were missing (FAN). I do not understand the rush to market products that are not yet finished.
that’s what I mean.

Xove_64,I look more optimistic, unlike you :stuck_out_tongue:

someone try to pair a PS3 Controller?

i used the tool from “http://dancingpixelstudios.com/” because of no root.

after new blueetoth pairing…
the system (android) then ask me for the pin …but 0000 and enter nothing is happend…

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Updated 1º post with latest build, IMG and OTA builds are available…
To update from my older builds to latest using OTA to not lose your stuff, just flash the OTA zip from the app that is in the rom.


thanks for your work !!!

Dear @superceleron flash OTA to SD > upgrate from booting? Thank you

sorry dint get what you mean, are trying to update from a older build from me?

I think he means.
Flash ota file to sdcard and then upgrade it from upgrade mode on boot.

Sorry :slight_smile: I’m using Beta2 now, so I would like to update via OTA if I understand it correctly, not to lose settings. What is the right way to update? Like with the older roms > flash OTA with burning tool to emmc? Thank you guys

Put the ota zip in the sdcard or usbstick, go to the app “Update&Backup” (the icon is kinda blue arrow pointing up), load the zip and update, simple as 1.2.3 :slight_smile:


Dear superceleron,

I want to ask you, if there will be support for voice search.
I have the G20 remote, and using the “SC Vim3 Pie ATV Fina v1”.

Also the “Turn-off” button for the original khadas remote does not work.

Thank you for your work. You are doing a great job.

Well i dont have a G20 remote so cant help you with that, in my remotes(GTKing and my own remote from box from my job) voice search is working fine.
As you can imagine i cant support all remotes out there :frowning:
About power button on Khadas remote, ye i know i forgot to map it :stuck_out_tongue:
I will fix when i can the mapping.


Dear superceleron,

can you tell me which exact remote models support the voice search function at the moment.

GTKing support a wide range of remotes. “G20 2.4G Wireless Voice Remote Control” remote is on of them.

Thank you for your reply.

he maintains that the g10s model is suitable, but others may as well, but he did not test them.

The minix remote if not mistaken also works, i cant test it now since mine died…

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