[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie ATV Debug v5 20211119

Sorry for thinking loudly…
but I think this work you do during free time should be supplied by the company that sells the product or at least pay you for doing so. That a TVBOX has already integrated Android TV or whatever the buyer chooses.
I think :slight_smile:

Hi… Just to let you guys know i ported all my changes to the new sdk(and fixed some issues present in new sdk) i should rls the build today…
I gave test builds to @Robert and @RDFTKV just waiting for some feedback!


Updated 1º post with BETA2…


someone has installed beta 2?

I installed it. I am not a user of ATV, but I tested many features, WiFI, LAN(Eth), BT, USB3-PCI-e switch, etc. Seems to work well.


Well yes i can certainly agree with those comments :slight_smile:


very well !

Surely we can think of something to ask for … maybe voice recognition … maybe Netflix doesn’t work in 1080p … something will occur to us :slight_smile:

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Voice works just fine, netflix will never work 720p/1080p/4k since this devices are only L3 and missing playready 3.



I personally like more kodi + Alfa than Netflix.

Installed ATV BETA2 in EMMC
I have CoreElec in USB 3.0
How do I start it from the usb?

sorry dint try that! maybe @Terry can help you in that question!
But normally its keeping pressed the powerbutton of vim3 (1º button counting from front of vim3 ) until it shows the logo then rls it… but dunno if it works since i dint try it!

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I installed on VIM3 v1.2 and big props and thanks to SuperCeleron for creating this build for the community. Very responsive and much faster than my VIM1 with SC’s ATV build. It gripes a little about a “Network Tuner” but I assume that has something to do with Ethernet and WiFi both being enabled certainly not a game stopper.

Again, thanks for the great work.

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glad you like it, enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I will, perfect for my work shop keeping up with College football!

I’ve managed to boot coreelec from usb
, but it comes out with the color changed ?¿ :open_mouth:
GREEN i think… I am dyslexic

reinstall VIM3_Pie_V190809 + booting in upgrade mode
all this too complicated …

Thank you Sir,
I have install BETA1 already,But can’t install BETA2 by app online updated is right?
must be instll BETA2 by USB Burning Tool only?

Hello, Yes USB Burning Tool. May also be able to use the Burn Card Maker, though I have not tried it on superceleron’s ROM.

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the fan 3705 dont work in the CoreELEC system. My solucion is rapid, buying a heat.sink FIT EXACTLY IN KHADAS VIM 3.