[ROM] SC VIM1 Pie ATV Debug/User builds v2 20200130

Thanks but unfortunately, its still xxxx.img.zstd.7z

Can you just put xxxxx.img.7z file?

Could you please assist here? not sure what you fixed. The two links at the bottom of your original post with “user” and “Userdebug” are still not correct. The second last link now points to a “Debug” version of VIM. Its also loaded as img.zstd.7z format. Would really appreciate if you could fix the top links (at the bottom of your original post) with correct img.7z files. Thanks for all your help

The zstd format is to be “burn” with krescue is not a normal img when you use the usb burning tool!

Ok thanks. Do you have a normal USB burning tool image that you can post? That would really help.

Please lay out the atv debug image in img format, I can not start Krescue, I’ve already tried everything.

Ok guys if you want it, i will upload it but bear in mind the 1º boot is long and after boot and you enter system is needs to do lots of updates and it will take time and the vim becomes really slow also make sure your vim as heatsinks or fan whatever since it will get hot really hot…
After the updates it goes back to “normal”!

The Debug build is not really usable.
I ran it for a day but the scrambled picture was happening using my movies / youtube / Kodi etc.
The User build is perfect
Except refresh rate switching is missing.
Reboot to other OS not working. (No big Deal with CoreELEC on SD Card as after first execution Recovery the script installed boots SD Card first bootup. CE has reboot to eMMC in power menu)
Thanks for the builds. :wink:

Ye i know, i still didn’t found the issue of debug build… well i didn’t found it because i do not have the time now to debug it to many other stuff to do :frowning:
i know is a selinux permission issue… now to find it… is another story!
Well all in due time :slight_smile:


Yes please. Cannot wait to try the non KRescue image.

Here you guys have it, hope you guys read the what i wrote above when first install/boot this img.

Download ATV v2 IMG:


ok… i found the issue of debug build not playing videos in small windows (and some other full screen video issue in kodi etc…) and fixed it! :slight_smile:


It will be uploaded soon to try ?

Ota DEBUG V3: https://mega.nz/#!pl5ThQIQ!6qNvCE8tL3ja63qmWbR-F_hFRsLR7L3xQKAiKhiBLKs


And here is the IMG for the ones that want it…
IMG DEBUG V3: https://mega.nz/#!8xozEKya!3kCKyYUlWD3OeTuctgOaJMmNqSwdR8lPIamvBXvuj78


All fixed.
Great ROM.
**Dual booting your rom Emmc **
CoreELEC SD Card.


Installed SC_VIM1_DEBUG_ATV, but there is no full access to the system / usr / keylayout folder, do I want to replace the Generic.kl file?

I, i own khads vim 1 version of motherboard 1.2. I flash it multiple times with burning tool than with recovery tool of khadas.- same result no one of pie version doesnot work. Flashing wihtout problems and when it starts come the animation with circles and freezes…over and over. I change power supply cable put better radiator and fan…same and same…What i do wrong or this versions r made just for higher version of my motherboard. Nougat version flash and boot without problems

try using Krescue as a fallback

i did with kressque…download image install…install it …it starts and frozer on circles animation

hmm if its freezing, maybe something wrong with your board.
This builds was tested with v1.1 and v1.2 board without any issues.