[ROM] Khadas VIM2 - SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV)

Tried it already but didn’t work. Can’t also uninstall SuperSU. Can only disable it. Thanks.


Thanks for your work.

I would like to install the ROM on my 3in1 system by balbes.
I have no Windows machine to flash USB and it would break my 3in1 anyway.

Could you provide dd dump of the block device partitions for your latest firmware.
boot bootloader crypt env logo misc recovery reserved rsv system tee
partitions. You can distribute them all in one tar ball or zip archive.

Same each time any partition is updated when you release next version of your ROM.

These devices are in /dev/block and I assume you know how to dd dump them from shell
(e.g. console or adb or ssh), if not I can help.

I hope to be able to dd flash your ROM on my 3in1 box using your dumps.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the ROM,

1080p works fine, but unfortunately 4k resolution does not work for me in your (scv3 or scv1) release. At 4k @30/25/24 fps screen starts flashing green, and 4k@60 fps there is no output.

classic firmware VIM2_Nougat_V171028 works good at 4k@60fps so I will stick with that now

Here I got problems with Netflix, downloaded netflix! With embedded netflix appears to work (not test FHD…) But I would like to know why I got error “ui-800-3” on netflix.
And I could not update using USB STICK to v3! I copy the zip to USB, go to update app, select “local update”, select file and confirm to update. The device roots and still there in boot page.

Using FAT32 drive!

Hello, You cannot update to v3 via USB. That version is treated like an OTA update.zip. V1 or later SC must be installed prior to updating. OTA updates can take time,take sure you are giving the required time before assuming it failed. The OTA update.zip file can be stored on the VIM2’s home directory, and be called from there. This might make the update go a little faster and you won’t need the SD card.
Have heard latest NF version may not run on many Android TV boxes, try an older version.

Most of this is mentioned in the OP, have a read for more info.

Sorry but I try to say “USB STICK”, not by USB as we update the firmware!
I try to update to V3 using a USB STICK with the zip file inside follow the procedure as explain above.

I try to sait 15 minutes, I will try to leave an hour to make the update!

F**** easy!
Reboot in recovey mode and BUM! That’s updating right now!

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Glad you got it going.:slightly_smiling_face:

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How can I hide the root to use HBO GO or maybe “unroot”/root this device?
I’m trying with “Hide my Root” and take a long time to hide!

It’s possible to use as a Chromecast receiver?

Anything about “hide the root” of device to use HBO GO and nothing about the Chomecast Receiver from google?

Hello, Sorry I have not done any of this, so cannot help. Hope you get it resolved.

This app s very good to have in ATV.

Impossible the hide root!
Cast Receiver installed but not appears on network or at Google Home.

Anyway thanks for you great work.

There is any way to me help to improve this build?

You can get source from Github and to build it with Chromecast better working. Thank you.

Chromecast appears only work on the official android tv box.
I could not fix the issue with root access… even won’t HBO GO work.

About the Chromecast was a joke … sorry
There is no DRM support in this Android builds, so apps like Netflix or HBO Go will not work! Moreover higher resolutions are available only on real ATV. The only workaround is Kodi with streamadaptive higher than 2.1 :wink:

Very sad that!
Very limited! The Best ATV by now is the Xiaomi Mi Box 4k, right?

No! Nvidia Shield is the best one from more than 3 years now. Xiomi is officially supported by google but from hardware perspective it’s the same as VIM Pro but without NIC :wink: Mi box is just another Amlogic 905x box but with official ATV. Xiaomi don’t have samba support out of the box as Shield trough plex server for example. I know that Shield is triple in the price even in standard version but it worth it every cent comparing to Mi.