[ROM] Khadas VIM2 - SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV)

is in bugs that… and is already fixed in a new build still to be rls!


Thats great SC… we waiting patiently

Will this amazing ROM supports dvb-dtv extension board?

it should but im not really sure since i dont have it!

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I will provide DVB ROM for you in few days.
Thanks for your effort.

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thks terry :slight_smile:
But dont rush it im still waiting for the board!

hi, Superceleron:
You still don’t have a vTV board right?

Hi @Gouwa.
Yes i still don’t have the vTV board.

@Frank.DTV Provide Gearbest a lot free samples for preview, maybe you can apply one from Gearbest, or, maybe Frank can provide you one.

Well i talked with GB looks like they are sending me one :slight_smile: but it will take a while to get here, but well no worry’s all in is due time :slight_smile:

Any news SC. We r patiently waiting

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Superceleron have you received the dtv board?

Yes i did, but have been so busy at work ( and life) that i still dint have the time to finish the ATV version of it!

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Dont worry thanks for the update, happy to see you have finally received it. Regards

Well is done the “Normal” version and the “ATV” version for the VTV(they can also be used normal VIM2 without the VTV board)
I will be posting it them this weekend :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!!

Hello, I’m new at this.
I am trying to update from version 1 to 3 by ota and I am not able what steps I have to follow
thank you solved

For ROM :


Indatallation Guide:


or :


Thank you for this Superceleron!

Is there an unrooted version? TV streaming apps don’t work because its rooted. Or is there a way to unroot it?

Thanks again!

Hello, If I recall, SuperSU can remove root. Check Supersu settings.