[ROM] Khadas VIM2 - SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV)


I try to install Tvheadend for Nvidia Shield. Tvheadend Work find But Not found adapter.
Tvheadend for nvidia Shield
How to work with DTV board?
Thank you!!


I think you are on the wrong board :slight_smile:
Better try to ask on shield/nvidia forum or read XDA - shield topics


On vim 2 with dtv board.


What DVB board you use? If you have vTV you need their app. In kodi over ATV you can use android app in the Kodi. I think there is no other way at the moment. At least i did not able to get it work other way.


Thank you For Reply.
I Use Vim 2 + VTV board DVB-S DVB-T.
I’m Looking For Vim 2 + VTV Board With Tvheadend Android ATV Rom. Same Wetek Play2 Box.
Because Football Feed 4.2.2 On Asiasat 5 and Oscam Emu Powervu Autoroll Work Find For Me.
Thank you Again.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I am not sure that this is possible at the moment. My be in the near future …
But i am not an expert so keep looking :wink:


Care to add this IR remote support?
0xe619fb04 V-
0xba45fb04 V+
0xa25dfb04 Menu
0xe01ffb04 Home
0xf50afb04 Return
0xe41bfb04 Mouse
0xbb44fb04 UP
0xe21dfb04 DOWN
0xe31cfb04 LEFT
0xb748fb04 RIGHT
0xa35cfb04 OK
0xec13fb04 1
0xef10fb04 2
0xee11fb04 3
0xf00ffb04 4
0xf30cfb04 5
0xf20dfb04 6
0xf40bfb04 7
0xf708fb04 8
0xf609fb04 9
0xb847fb04 0
0xac53fb04 SETTING
0xe51afb04 POWER


hmm i will check if i can add it to the next ota.
Dunno when since im full of work :frowning:

What is the latest version of Android TV rom?


I have installed the SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV) on my khadas VIM2. Now, my fan doesn’t run… Does someone have a solution for this problem?



The fan is by default in auto sense mode!
Also dont forget to update to SCV3!