[ROM] Khadas Vim SCV1-ATV (Android TV)

yes it was updated, thks @RDFTKV for the new link :wink:

What has changed? In changelog nothing new
"Last edited by superceleron; 03-12-2017"

The update addressed the 2GB/8GB model. This version works on both models.

“Changelog V1B:
Fixed WiFi/Bluetooth on Non Pro version of Khadas Vim!”


I don’t know why but i can not install/update any app from play store.

which could be the problem?


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Hey guys, does anyone know if there is already an Android 7 based TV Version with Kodi 17 in it? That would be great…

More from superceleron ATV update V2

Changelog V2:
Fixed install from playstore.
Updated Gapps.
Added TWRP
Enabled multi-user support.
Added Leanback UI sounds.
Google webview is now default instead of AOSP webview.
Added Dragonrise USB HID game controller and many USB Bluetooth dongles (btusb.ko).
Added App Drawer.
Updated SU to 2.81
Other little stuff to make it more “true” AndroidTV
Bugs V2:
Same as V1,



how can i update without lossing my settings?


Can you get an installable version on micro sd?
thank you

superceleron is super busy at this stage,
When time is on his side (not often), he may (no promises) to do an update.zip

Even with this update i can not install app with play store

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I do recommend a factory reset if you continue with the same problem!

Hi guys, just to inform you guys that im already making a Android 7 ATV build for this device, next week with luck should be finish…


Hi Superceleron, we need Android 7 Atv please,:rofl: Best Regards

Sorry guys, i still dint have the time for making a A7 ATV :frowning:
Im busy with the rom for VIM2( “Normal” is 99% done) so this one have to wait a bit longer…


I also can not install play store app.

I also have this problem and found that I skip wizard after first boot :slight_smile: So do factory reset and on first boot use setup wizard.

I don´t understand. Could you explain how to activate again Google Store/Services ?

Go to settings -> storage and reset -> factory data reset, when format finished VIM will reboot, on first boot choose setup wizard and set wifi and google account. After this you will get working google play. I use latest SCV2-ATV and now I have full working ATV with Kodi and other apps.

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Many thanks, done.
Best regards

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