[ROM] Khadas Vim SCV1-ATV (Android TV)


Still in very early beta stage :wink:


Cant wait my vim 2 gonna be the best android streaming device with this :heart_eyes::heart:

Que bom rapaz. Quando sair vou testar certamente.

Is possible install atvXperience_s905x_v2F or atvXperience_s905x_v2E in ours Khadas VIM 1?


Dear @superceleron if you need a tester I’m here.

Waiting for your new job. Thank you

Has anyone tried to use Plex on this to passthrough TrueHD and DTS-HD audio to AV receiver?


Will this work on VIM2?

nop it wont work maybe in a near future will be a VIM2 version,

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Well ok guys, im again really busy so… some news…
im going to rls what i have done already as W.I.P. so that means is a very early beta build…
It works for must of it, but still have bugs…


Eager to test it and help with the bug report!

Well i know theirs a lot of bugs… but it will stay like this for a while since i dont have the time now to work on it…
But i think is usable enough for you guys to play :slight_smile:
@Robert and @RDFTKV are already testing it so they can give some feedback here :slight_smile: … so i should put it online this Tuesday :slight_smile:


Looking ok well Good actually
lean startup, just give it time to sort out its thing
Looks like a full A8 startup easy

Don’t forget this is a WIP, so something may and Not work
Netflix, not happy few weird errors, only tried Playstore, Version, Phone Version OK
4K Youtube,


Can’t wait to start flashing it. Should I update the previous version or make clean install?

When posted It will be a clean install an .img and Burning tool etc.
May Need to Install aptoide or similar if you want more goodies etc.

No app draw for sideloaded or non ATV apps etc, run direct from System/Apps

To create Icons/shortcuts for app drawer
as a quick and dirty

Runs a tad warm Heat sink for sure…Fan even better 40~50, No fan gets warm.

Remember this is a W.I.P
Backup what you need before you install
Not to your liking Go back, as SC is busy, updates are not a priority at present :slight_smile:


Posted here [ROM] Khadas Vim OREO SCV1-ATV ( AndroidTV 8.0 ) - W.I.P


Any more updates on this?

Hello and welcome again.

I think you should try the updated one.

There will be,
Family and work first